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I found this very interesting!!

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I found this to be very interesting when I read it and thought to pass it on!!
I hope you will have the chance to look at it, if this has been posted before I apologize I just found it when looking up information regarding test results.
Happy Reading!!!
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Thanks...This was very Interseting. I waswondering how I could have lupus when noone in my family ever did. I had mono as a child, and Epstein Barr as an adult...this article makes it pretty clear.

Thanks - Stephanie
Thanks for that. That is a very nice article which explains a lot of things nicely and easily. It's a good article for any out there wanting to learn more about the disease in general.

Then again, I was tested for the mono virus in the past (twice?) and tested negative for any exposure! ;) It's never simple and clear cut with this disease...
thank you


Thank you for a very interesting and informative article, it was excellent.

This may be petty, but I'm shocked that such a well known medical center published a document with so many spacing errors in it. It made me think one of us had typed it. :lol:
Thank you for posting the article laura,I found it very informative!
:hug: karen x
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