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I got out and about today too!!! Here in Illinois where I live it was about 75 degrees and absolutely beautiful!! I had to take my youngest daughter to an appointment today that was about a 3 hour way and my oldest daughter came with as did my granddaughter. Talk about a girls day out!! It was a great day. We turned off the radio and laughed all the way to our destination which turned out to be almost 3/4 the way thru Missouri and then on the way back, we had such a good time, we did it on the way back. Both ways over we got stuck behind the state trucks that paint the strips on the road.....borrrrringgggg. Well, not really, we turned on and up the radio and we all started singing to pass the time.

After we passed the painting trucks and got down the road a ways, Addy (the baby) woke up and wanted a bottle, problem being, we were out of water and Addy was hungry!! We pulled into this small town looking for a gas station, eatery, etc but oh no. This town was far to small for that. So, we found a nice looking home and knocked on their door. What else were we gonna do?? We were still an hour from home. Fortunately this grandma type lady answered the door, my oldest presented the bottle and explained our dilemma and she was more than willing to help. It is nice to know that there are still those people scattered around that want to help.

Anyway, once we got a bottle fixed for Addy, we got back on the road and enjoyed the ride on home. It was a great day for a road trip and I am actually not feeling too bad. Also Karly, I have several geodes myself and actually got some for the kids for Xmas. We put them in their stockings and the kids were a bit perplexed. When they also took out a hammer they were really confused. Once we told them, they had a great time hammering open the tiny geodes and them were completely amazed at the beauty inside. Every summer we go to the rock quarry here in town and purchase a load of geodes to take home and enjoy the wanders of nature.

Again....congrats on getting out today,

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