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And I am still stumped as to what is a lupus symptom and what is not. It seems like an amazing maze of unrelated stuff that hits me all at once. I will rant for awhile and see if any of you all have experienced what I am currently going through:::

I have extreme dizziness whenever I stand up, I usually have to grab ahold of something so I don't fall down:hehe:

All my skin is extrmemely dry and itchy despite whatever lotion I use--

I have a constant case of diarhea, whenever I eat everything goes right through me--nausea is terrible but not constant at least--

my feet are always tingling and bright red especially around my toes--

my feet and legs are constantly swelling despite the lasix I take--

gas unbelievable as we have discussed before--

my ankles and knees feel as if they will give out whenever I walk any distance--

my breathing is always difficult whether or not I am moving or sitting still--

my memory leaves very much to be desired, and tons forgotten--

I cry at the slightest provocation--

headaches that won't go away--

and pain and stiffness in my joints--

last but not least if I have not forgotten something, are the recurrent UTI's, I have another one now, so off to the GP.

Thanks for letting me rant awhile, it is sometimes things go together and all I feel like doing is laying on the couch and not move an inch.;)

Right now I take plaquinel, methotrexate (by injection), prednisone, folic acid, cymbalta, lasix, nexium, glucophage, seroquel, ativan, and have some nasal sprays and inhalors. karly
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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