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:wink2: Karly, Yep, you do have a lot of questions, but that is what makes you normal. At the very beginning of this site, before you even come into the message boards, there is an
absolute ton of info. to read, and do read it, you will prrbably not read it in one day, and you may have to read it over and over for it to make sense to you. Also, I can tell you how to spend the best 15.00 that you have ever spent. By the book called; "The Lupus Book" by Dr. Hughes, I think everything possible is in there, and that can be purchased thru this site. But most importantly, write these questions down on paper, take a few at a time to each appointment, have paper and pen in your purse, and write down the answers. Always make your Rheumy the place where the buck stops, as it is his profession.:wink2:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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