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Welcome to the forum Christine :)

Quite a few people here have the malar or butterfly rash but it is only one sign of lupus and needs to be accompanied by other typical symptoms and usually one or more abnormal blood test results. There are several other reasons for having a 'rash' of a similar sort.
It can be handy having skin signs because if the problem is proved by biopsy to be lupus related then it is clearly very weighty for diagnosis. All that needs to be determined then is what other signs of ill health are due to lupus. The rash alone wouldn't bring a diagnosis of SLE. In fact a biopsy isn't usually done unless it is needed for diagnosis if there is any doubt. For SLE the biopsy doesn't have to be from affected skin.

I suggest you read the criteria lists which give a good idea of the other most common symptoms associated with lupus and also the symptoms like fatigue that don't figure on the lists.
As to what lies ahead if you do have lupus, it is almost impossible to say. This forum isn't all that typical of lupus sufferers because most of those already diagnosed who post here have ongoing problems . We don't often hear from anybody who is living pretty well normal lives with their lupus well controlled. Speedy thorough diagnosis and prompt effective treatment by a knowledgable doctor certainly make a big difference to outcome.
Familiarise yourself with the tests so that you can make sure they are all being done, never forgetting urine tests.

Don't go imagining the worst - people are very differently affected by lupus and there are many effective medicines these days. There's no point worrying until you know what there is to worry about. Try to get a lupus expert doctor and vigorously pursue diagnosis

Let us know if you want any further help - there's a wealth of information here on all aspects of life with lupus.

Bye for now
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