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I HAVE JAVA and still cannot chat

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HELP!!!!!! I so want to get into the chat room again, but even though I downloded the newest Java 6.11), rebooted my machine, and crossed my fingers eyes and toes...I still canoot get in.

I even turned off my pop-up blocker, and lowered my security levels...

What can I do?


I have an HP notebok with Windows Vista.
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Have you tried the Java links via the 'Sticky' that Tom posted!

Perhaps use an older version!
I think so....
You do not walk alone Steph, I've tried everything humanly possible and still no joy :(

What browsers are you using? When the site was changed last week or so, I couldn't get into chat with my firefox browser.

I opened up safari and got into chat that way. (I now can get into chat with firefox.) I also use a Mac for computer.

Hope you all get into chat soon.


I use microsoft explorer.

Lily - boohoo for us!
Hi Stephanie

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some people can get in and some people cant. Could you try downloading Firefox as your browser and use that? The only reason I am saying that is because I had trouble last week getting into chat. I was using IE and just couldnt get in. Then when I used Firefox I got in no problem.

However I can since access chat through either IE or Firefox so I really dont know what the problem was. :worried:

It could also be related to Vista although I have this on my laptop and although I havent used the laptop for a while Im pretty sure I could get into chat with it. I must have a try of my laptop and see if there is anything I can report back.

Funnily enough I am having terrible problems with Internet Explorer in work. Everytime I log into the site through IT, it crashes and gives me an error message. I dont have that problem with Firefox.

Sorry I couldnt be of any more help but I will post again if I come up with any bright ideas or discoveries.

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Vista and Firefox or IE, neither help :(
no chat for us

Well this is the the area we all go to when we have been secretly banned from chat :rotfl:

I too tried all that tom suggested. No luck. I run windows xp, internet explorer. i tried fire fox without luck. i tried resetting every setting i could read about. That is why i think there is a conspiracy 8).

If anyone figures it out please let us all know. Lisa :wink2:
Definitely a conspiracy Lisa :hehe:
Maytbe we can get Discovery chanel to do a conspiracy story on this issue! LOL...I watch all the forensic stuff on TV.

Ahh well, I guess us outcasts will have to chat this way!


I am not very technical so it will take me a good few days to help but all I know is that if you are new to Vista - that is what is causing your problem!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't swear, but boooodyy vista is what I call it - It is a real pain and interferes with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

What security do you have on your pc - If you can get rid of the Vista/windows one, this will probably solve the problem - I use AVG which is very good - I was able to turn off all the windows/vista ones and all problems are now solved!!!

Dea x
I think you may be way over my head here...I have no Idea on this stuff.

I have Macafee virus and pop-up.

My modem is secured with a code.

We have a came with the computer.


Thanks for the hint, I don't use the windows Vista security I have another package and have tried allowing the pop ups and everything of that nature, it just won't load for me.

I can get in on my old desktop with no security though :rolleyes: which is not ideal!


Thanks for the hint, I don't use the windows Vista security I have another package and have tried allowing the pop ups and everything of that nature, it just won't load for me.

I can get in on my old desktop (XP) with no security though :rolleyes: which is not ideal!

Hi Lily,

As long as you have another security system which covers everything, you don't need the Vista one but be careful that you have turned ALL of it off as the thing has a mind of it's own and even though you think you have switched it all off - certain bits stay on!! (Vista knows best!!!)

I still had it say 'Internet/Protected Mode: ON' at the bottom of my screen and had to disable that too. - See what yours says?

Dea x
:wavey: Old thread, new try....

I know this is still a problem for some so I thought we could list the things that did and didn't work. Maybe the process of elimination will help. :fingers:

Vista 64 - Worked for a while but failed after a Java update, never worked again. :(

Vista 32 - After a fresh install I had 2 plug-ins show up when trying to get into chat. I just clicked on the puzzle piece and followed the instructions, I got right in. :thumbs:

Windows XP - I never had a problem with XP (That I can remember anyway). :hehe:

Firewalls - Ummm, whatever comes with Windows is all I use. :shrug: I do screen all cookies and delete most of them often. If certain data is really sensitive, I load it on my backup external hard drive and unplug it when I don't need it.

If you figure something out to make it work (or not), just post it here! :)
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Your'e so kind and thoughtful!

Although I can and do enter chat as and when wihtout problem, i'm so sure that others will appreaciate your continued help in the technical department!

Thank You!!!!

I went out and got all of the vista updates, de-installed Java and then re-installed. However when I try to enter chat it still says I need Java....

Thanks - Stephanie
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