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I hurt all over!!! can any one offer any advice?

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Recently had some labs come back off.Doc this is just a flare and all blood work proves that. confused and in constant pain hurts to even put some clothes on. Docs called in vicadin but unsure about taking it all the time but pain says i have to.Tappering off the prednisone now at 20mg daily and starting to feel worse than ever.any one have any advice???Please help!!!:sad:
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Sorry you are hurting so bad. :hugbetter:

Please dont feel bad about taking pain meds. They are designed for people like us! I find combining different sorts of pain meds has really helped me. I take a strong NSAID constantly because without it I completely sieze up and cry (not a pretty sight) and codeine based drugs when I need an extra top up. I do it that way because the NSAID dont seem to cause me any nasty side effects while the codeine based one make me feel sick and a bit dosey.
I have other friends who do things the other way around becuase their stomach cant cope with NSAIDs.

Can you talk with your Dr about the pain and see what they advise.

Whatever happens I hope you are feeling brighter soon.

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