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I knew something was brewing......

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...when I started to feel feverish.

I have had tremendous pain in my left side of my rib cage, under my shoulder blade and where the ribs meet the spine (not round the front to the sternum). It started like a tight band round my entire midriff so much so that I found it hard to breathe. The pain is now "centralised" in the place described above. It is worse on sitting at my desk, walking and exhaling. Feels a bit better when I am slumped on the setee or lying down. Any movement (travelling in the car) or someone sitting down next to me on the settee triggers severe pain.

I thought costochondroitis is more around the cartilage between the ribs and the sternum. Is it possible to have it in your back? I've had this for about 4 days now and it isn't funny anymore :rolleyes: .

Is it costo? How long does a bout usually last?

Any help would be appreciated. Just off to bed now (02:10) to see if lying down will help.

Love Judi xx
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I am sorry you are in so much pain, but I can't help my costo is in both ribs. I suppose it could attack one side, however I am not sure. I just know it is truly agonizing pain and it is hard to breathe. You know what feels good is someone very gently rubbing my ribs. I also use the heating pad. I usually have to take pain meds though. For some reason the costo usuallu upsets my tummy too. I have had a fever with it too. Lately though it doesn't take much to upset my tummy or get a fever.:hehe:

I hope you wake up feeling so much better, if not I would go to your dr.

Sorry to hear your in pain!

I had similiar pain earlier this week plus a few hours of extreme pain and a temp of 101.5 (nearly choose to visit A&E). The GP said I could possibly have a ild case of Pleurisy and hopefully it would not get worse - which luckily it did not!

Hope you get better soon!

Love Lesley
Hi everyone

Thank you for your replies.

This morning the pain has eased somewhat but I woke up with both arms numb. The life came back after a minute or two of stretching my neck and flapping my arms. Probably kinked my neck sleeping in a position to ease the ribs.

Still feel absolutely whacked but thankful I am not in so much pain.

Another thing to add to the list for the rheumy on the 25th!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Judi xx
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Hi Judi,

I'd be interested to find out what this is. I too have severe pain around my ribs - it's mainly in my chest but kind of 'travels' round my shoulder blade, across my shoulder and up my neck. It's always on my left side and can be made worse if I am tired or if I overdo things.

I got diagnosed with shrinking lung syndrome brought on by my Lupus and have had several lung tests but the Dr's seem to be lost as to what is causing this pain.

It's a nightmare at the moment, I started Warfarin 1 week ago and have pretty much had this pain on and off for a week. It wakes me in the night and I get the fidgets during the day whilst trying to find a 'comfortable' position to sit in. It can be so bad it makes me feel sick.

The weird thing is it's one of the symptoms I've had since I got diagnosed but had never really been addressed. I know I can't go on with it much longer - it's driving me mad! :eek:

The only thing that settles it briefly is Nurofen plus (Ibuprofen & codeine) but since I started the warfarin I've been told not to take it. I can't take paractemol as this aggrevates the Lupus so I need to find an alternative :mad:

Let me know if you have any joy finding the source.

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Hi Amanda

I must admit I am much better today. Since I've travelled down the "MS road" in my quest for dx I thought it might be an MS hug (spasms of intercostal muscles) in a lupie guise :hehe: . I am as mystified as you as to the cause. Downright painful, whatever it is.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Love Judi xx
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