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Hi Judi,

I'd be interested to find out what this is. I too have severe pain around my ribs - it's mainly in my chest but kind of 'travels' round my shoulder blade, across my shoulder and up my neck. It's always on my left side and can be made worse if I am tired or if I overdo things.

I got diagnosed with shrinking lung syndrome brought on by my Lupus and have had several lung tests but the Dr's seem to be lost as to what is causing this pain.

It's a nightmare at the moment, I started Warfarin 1 week ago and have pretty much had this pain on and off for a week. It wakes me in the night and I get the fidgets during the day whilst trying to find a 'comfortable' position to sit in. It can be so bad it makes me feel sick.

The weird thing is it's one of the symptoms I've had since I got diagnosed but had never really been addressed. I know I can't go on with it much longer - it's driving me mad! :eek:

The only thing that settles it briefly is Nurofen plus (Ibuprofen & codeine) but since I started the warfarin I've been told not to take it. I can't take paractemol as this aggrevates the Lupus so I need to find an alternative :mad:

Let me know if you have any joy finding the source.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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