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Hi Connie,

I agree that such things are scary but rashes are pretty common things especially if auto-immune diseases are suspected.

Personally, I would avoid ER but that's because they tend to be pretty useless for such things (in my experience anyway). I am lucky to have a good GP - could you not get in and see your GP? I mean, it does need seeing by someone. Also, get someone to take a photo of it for you so that you can show it to the rheumy. These things are notorious for disappearing just the day you get to go and see the doc.

I doubt very much that prednisolone would do much for the rash (though it might for the excessive joint pain you seem to have) but your GP would be able to prescribe you a short course of pred if need be. You may find that an anti-histamine could help calm the rash, depending on what kind of rash it is.

hope that helps a little,
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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