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i think my doctor made a mistake!(antidepressants)

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i went to see my gp today to see if she can perscribe me some antidepressants. she gave me zoloft, but 50mgs isnt this too
many mgs to start off with? shouldnt she had given me this medication
on a much lower dose?

im going to call her tomorrow. but just want to know what you think.

thank you all:)
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Hi Sushi

What made you think she made a mistake in the dosage? I'm not on this medication but did a quick google search with 'zoloft starting dose' and all the sites seem to say the starting dose is usually 50mgs and can be increased up to 200mgs daily.

If you are worried about easing them into your system you could start off yourself at 25mg for the first few days and work your way up but have a chat with your doctor before you do that.

I hope they help you
Luv n stuff
Was it a different anti depressant you were on a year ago Sushi? All medications have different dosages so you cant really compare one to the other. If it was the same one and you were started on 25mg first, then its a good idea to follow that path if it suited you at the time :)

I think its always a good idea to slowly get a medication into your system (unless of course its something thats urgently needed!). It lessens the side effects and allows your body to build up a tolerance.

Hope it works well for you
Luv n stuff
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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