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i think my doctor made a mistake!(antidepressants)

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i went to see my gp today to see if she can perscribe me some antidepressants. she gave me zoloft, but 50mgs isnt this too
many mgs to start off with? shouldnt she had given me this medication
on a much lower dose?

im going to call her tomorrow. but just want to know what you think.

thank you all:)
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Sushi Dear. If you decide to try starting at a lower doseage just cut your pill in half with a pair of long sissors. I find short sissors don't do as good a job.

50 mgs. cut in half and 'voila' = 25 mgs. I do that with my prednisone when I am tapering down.
ps: In my experience Drs: usually know what they are doing, second guessing them might be counter-productive.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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