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i think my doctor made a mistake!(antidepressants)

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i went to see my gp today to see if she can perscribe me some antidepressants. she gave me zoloft, but 50mgs isnt this too
many mgs to start off with? shouldnt she had given me this medication
on a much lower dose?

im going to call her tomorrow. but just want to know what you think.

thank you all:)
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people don't usually have bad reactions to going on to modern antidepressants, so just going on to the 50mg dose shouldn't cause you any problems. With lupus we get used to starting slowly and building up, but I have never found this necessary with newer antidepressants like zoloft. It is the older style antidepressants, the tricyclics, that have to be started very slowly and built up.

The lower the dose the longer it will take you to build up to a therapeutic dose to treat your depression. I would recommend taking the 50mg once to see if you do have any side effects, and then you will be able to make your decision on what you need to do (in cousultation with your doctor if necessary).

Each and every drug has a totally different dosing regime - of some drugs the standard dose is hundreds of miligrams, other drugs may be as little as 1 milligram (or less).

hth, and good luck with the zoloft


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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