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Hi ixora

being in such a sunny place and not being able to go out is such a shame.....I suffer in teh sun as well but find that if I wear a factor 50 sun cream I am OK to go out when the sun is not so bad...........

As for your St Thomas' Hospital in London at the Lupus Clinic recommend a GI diet.

I, myself, put on a lot of weight when I fist took ill but I was unable to walk for a while and had no exercise apart from a bit of physio. I took the bull by the horns after my weight got to 16 stone. (I am 5' 6"). I joined weight watchers which is really just healthy processed food, no bread, no butter on the toast, no pastries, biscuits, chocolate or sweets. I only drank skimmed milk and stopped taking sugar (use splenda).

My exercise routine was every other day........I did 3 months of Aqua exercise twice a week (I wasn't well enough to do aqua aerobics), another 3 months of aqua mobility which is a class of gentle physio exercise, then when I was strong enough I joined in with the Aqua aerobics class and went 3 times a week.

The hydrotherapy pool became my best friend at that hurt at first as it was like a massage and my muscles really hurt....but after the massage I felt the benefit the next day. As I got stronger I was able to try the XTrainer, bike, rowing machine and treadmill. I also went to a Pilates class which was really good for my posture. All these classes were at my local gymnasium were I was able to get a cheaper rate with a referral from the Physiotherapy Department at the hospital.

It took me 22 months to lose the weight but I did it........I lost 70lb and just before Christmas 2006 I got to my goal weight watchers weight of 11stone 1lb. I still go to the classes as it is so easy to put weight back on when you are on Prednisolone and I only have to look at a cream cake to put a 1lb on :)

In all the time I was exercising (gently) and eating healthily I was still taking 10mg Prednisolone, Plaquenil, 20mg Methotrexate, Folic Acid, Actonel and Warfarin. I the end I was able to stop taking painkillers and Baclofen and as time went on was also able to reduce my Prednisolone down to what I am on now which is 6mg daily. I do not profess that exercise and weight loss alone helped my pain or to put my lupus in remission but I think it really helped.

It wasn't easy and there were some days when my muscles and joints hurt and I didn't want to go but I looked at every time at teh gym as an appointment like it was a docot or physio appointment and got it into my head that I had to go.

I also did not miss a weight watchers class.....I needed all the encouragement I could get. I started off in March 2004 having to use both my walking sticks when I went to the ww class and within 6 months I could get about with one stick and now I only need to use my walking stick if I am having a bad day.

You can do this ixora I know you can, you could comfortably lose 2 stone in 6months. The thing is not to set your goals so high so that you become disappointed. Remember how long it took to gain the weight and think that it might take that long and maybe a bit longer to lose the weight.

I was happy with ½lb weight loss at first but with my exercise as well I soon started to lose a regular 1lb per week.

I wish you luck and hope that you lose the extra 2lb honey :)

xxx hazel
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