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If I can't work out the cause how do I know what to do

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Well, if it's becoming a really big problem for you, then it's something that your doctor(s) should be trying to work out the cause for you. It's their responsibility after all - not yours.

Combining alcohol with pain killers is not a good idea, and that could be responsible for these things happening all by itself. Just one or the other could be responsible too - but both together it becomes a more likely possibility.

Your description of not being that "lupusy" is pretty textbook for what being "lupusy" is for me - flulike with fatigue, aching joints, headache and some cognitive issues much like you describe although to a lessor extent in my case. So it very well could be lupus too.

Add on top of that some source for anxiety... and I can understand why you're having these issues.

If you haven't been to see a neuro-psychologist yet, then you may want to try that too. Sometimes they will be able to diagnose a problem, or a likely cause for your problems, and can also offer specific suggestions for improving everyday tasks of living that have to do with memory.

Otherwise, just do your best to be gentle on yourself when you have these mistakes as you would be if someone else was making these verbal mishaps.
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(((( flutter)))))

This is such an upsetting experience. I agree with Maia that it is probably a combination of things. Dental surgery takes more out of a body than one thinks in my experience anyway. Maybe the local anesthetic plays a role too.
The drink with the pain killlers can't be any help at all and is one thing you hopefully can control.
I do know that I make mistakes like this when I am distracted or preoccupied or very nervy with a host of things on my mind and getting anxious about it makes it worse. I have trained myself not to start talking until I have quickly rehearsed what I am going to say made my mind search for the words or even the idea. Same as I make myself focus on what I am doing if I find myself wandering around aimlessly getting nothing much done.

I agree too that if there's anybody you can talk the problem and the background issues over with, that would be an excellent idea. If you have a number in your book, call it.

Many hugs

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Flutterbye, I find any Dental work, even just fillings is enough to flare my symptoms. You have been through a lot more than that.
I talk nonsense too, sometimes worse than other times and I am waiting to see a Neuro.
I am sorry you are so stressed. Do the painkillers work for you? Do you use the alcohol because you think it helps you cope in general or helps the pain?
On a safety note please do be careful you don't have any accidents, painkillers, drink and severe stress are a hard combination to function on.
x Lola
Hi there Jen :hug:

Im very glad that you have such a great GP. Lets hope that the pred helps things for you.

Dont be afraid of the CBT interventions Jen. They arent designed to delve deep into your emotional past and they don't concentrate on causal issues. Rather they focus on a variety of techniques which help to find alternatives to unhelpful or negative thinking patterns. They also help you to learn things like scheduling activities, assertiveness, social skills, etc and will show you things like relaxation techniques and meditation.

They are very safe interventions so there shouldnt be anything scary there for you. They are designed to help you in the hear and now.

Remember that CBT is just one form of therapy and others can offer different perspectives and ways of understanding one's difficulties. It all depends on what way you want to approach these difficulties. CBT is very practical and many people get great benefits from engaging in it. Indeed some people decide, after going through CBT, that they want to engage in a deeper form of psychological counselling so it would be a good idea to see if the service you are going to can offer this as a follow up if you require it.

In the meantime - stop being so hard on yourself. Thats an order! :)

Many hugs
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Flutterbye, You do deserve our support, you have been very honest.
I hope a good dose of prednisolone will damp down some of your NP symptoms.
x Lola
Hi Friend,

I am celebrating with you!.:excited::excited::trampo:

I hope you continue to feel much better.

Lupus, really does do a bad number on our mind. I understand..

Happy For You,
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Your news is wonderful. I hope you keep this normal feeling for a really long time.

Take care,
Thats excellent news Jen :) Here's to a long stretch of 'normal' time - whatever that means for all of us! :hehe:

I cant say that the steroids make me feel mischievious but they do tend to put a pep in my step ;) Actually maybe we should both plan to go and do something really 'bold' together :hehe:

Much love and enjoy the good feeling
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