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What would you do with millions of dollars?
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Well, I think first I would invest in annuties, stocks and bonds, enough so that I had an income from the interest (like my grandpa did and grandma is living off of):wink2:

Then of course I would donate money to autoimmune diseases research.:)

I would also like to donate to autism research, or begin a fund for a special school here for the kids affected to go to, right now they are sort of warehoused in public school until they grow to big or unmanageable.:p

I would like to buy a small cabin, in the woods, lots of land for animals and pets to roam, plant flowers and trees, enjoy the shady summers.

Then purchase my grandma's house and property and turn it into a bird sanctuary, since it has all kinds of birds, including a rookery of great blue herons. It would be named after my grandparents, no hunting allowed. ( bet that one was not hard to guess):lol:

Also have college funds for my neices.

Buy a small fuel effecient truck to drive.

Buy a dog, grown dog, to keep me company.:dog: Dogs.

Donate money to the humane society, who recently had someone embezzle 10,000 from it and may have to close down, they are overcrowded and need a bigger more spacious site.

I would pay off my mom's debt, and get her a condo where she has always wanted to live.

I would hire a caregiver to go with me to Fairbanks , Alaska to visit my cousin, someone to make sure I would stay healthy. Travel around the world in general as well, taking tons of photos alone the way.

I would build a recreation site for the kids in this community, one that taught tolerance and love for each other, there is a lot of prejudice between caucasion, african american, and hispanic populations.:mad:

I would get a digital camera and start to take photos again of nature, people, artsy type things.:camera:

Send money to the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina, basically to the children's home and boy's and girl's club. (I am Cherokee)

Give money to women's issues, like women trying to start businesses all over the world, or women in war torn areas.

Maybe take some graduate courses and work on my Master's degree in Creative Writing.

Indulge in all my collections, and go antique shopping all over the place. Also go to the flea markets that we have all over this area.8)

Donations to end hunger, genocide, intolerance, poverty, enviromental issues, animal rights issues, habitat for humanity, disaster relief.

I would also like to have some horses around, I love them, some peacocks and pea hens of course, maybe learn to care for injured animals and have a staff of course when I couldn't do it.:wink2:

Visit historical places around this country, and take photos of course.

I'd like to be one of those rich people who randomly find people in need and give them money or fund their dreams.

Fund all kinds of art, music programs in this city, it's schools, bring back language for the schools as well.

Fund some preventative health programs for the poor people in this area.

Money toward world peace.

Fund the research programs for some of the "orphan" diseases, you know the ones that few people have but are devistating just the same.

AIDS research here and in Africa.

Do a wildflower planting all along the highways throughout the United States, with flowers native to each state.

Fund State and National parks in need of refurbishing.

Create better mental health centers than what we have now.

Help pay friend's bills and house payments, and give them some savings.

Help the teacher's and professor's who helped me along the way.

Build more substance abuse centers for Native Americans, especially in remote places where help is not available.

Funds for tornado, tsunami, earthquake, fire warning systems all over the world.

Money to start programs to help end violence against women and children.

Money to end homelessness.

I'm not trying to show how generous I am just what I wish I could do. Dreaming in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, well I'm off to lay down and watch David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. Try to think of as many different things you can, or things you've dreamed of doing. I'd like to see what you can come up with or what your interests are.

Karly Take care everyone.

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Hi Karly. I think you've covered pretty much everything!!!!! :) To add to your list I would buy undeveloped land and keep it protected. I would make sure to leave it to someone I know will not be money-hungry and sell it to a corporate hot shot who'll destroy it with condo's or a hideous sky scraper!
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