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If the illness was not enough....

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Hi, have had some great advice from you all previously, thought I would share the next body blow with you!:mad:

I am off tomorrow for my MRI scan, which will hopefully give me some idea what is causing this facial nunbness and left sided weakness. I had a call from the HR dept at work, for ' a chat' about how I was feeling etc. Then they said they would be sending me a form to sign, so they can have access to my medical records, which is no problem, good luck to them is what I say to that! Then he dropped in that if I was unable to return to work in the near future, then they would look at terminating my contract of employment! I am gutted. I have worked for the same company for almost 13 years, and it makes me sick to think they would drop me as soon as the going got tough.:sad:
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check your position

Hello, what a lovely caring company....:mad: Not sure they have any right of access to your medical notes, you can certainly offer to provide a letter from your G.P but access to all your personal medical history??? don't think so! You don't have to sign anything if you don't want to... its your private life.
I don't know what your past sickness record is, but not sure they can fire you for it... they can only pay you Statutory Sick Pay or as you have been there 13 yrs, a reduced amount after a certain time etc.. but the sack... don't think they can do that. Anyway go get some advice as to what they can and can't do so that should they ask for another 'cosy' chat you are well informed. :hehe:
We run our own business and would always support our employees as much as we could through any illness, and indeed are proud that we have done in the past. The stress of this will not be helping your health so do take care of yourself, get the info and be prepared to dig your heels in ...

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Are you in the UK or elsewhere as Employment Law differs?

Dea x
I am in the UK. Looking at my contract of employment, they will have to pay me notice of about 12 weeks. Not too comforting!
thats well bad, are ytou in the UNION?? i was in unison, i had no probs though with work they were every understanable, you can't have that not after 13yrs thats well out of order, yes look your contract up too

good luck keep us posted Lin xx

I am not sure about the UK ,but you should be able to recall your letter to allow them to see all your medical records. (another form) you might also have to let your doctor know that they do not have permission, you have changed your mind.
the smallest thing can be used against us, as the doctors don't always write what is clear to others

they have to be satisfied with what your doctor writes to them. after reading you contract, contact you federal or state labour board. here in Canada the rules would be very different.
In many places they have labour laws that deal with illness and disability due to health reasons regardless of contracts

just my thoughts
best wishes with you work
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Sorry about the news about your job, but as far as I know they can not terminate you contract whilst you are on sick, they must pay you SSP for i think 26 or 28 weeks and then supply you with a SSP1 form which you take to benefit office and they take over paying you, but I think that is called incapacity benefit.
I would advise taking advise before you sign anything, from someone like CAB.

Good luck with everything,

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