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I'm Back with a question about immunoglobulins

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Hello all,

It's been awhile. I'm still suffering with pancreatitis/liver symptoms and haven't been well in a long time. Recently they found deficiencies in some of my immunoglobulin subsets and an elevation in another. Deficient in IgG 1 and 3 and elevated in IgG 4. Also my parathyroid (PtH) was at the high normal. Any of this ring a bell for anyone?

Thanks for any help...
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Vit D

First, thanks for the responses. Much appreciated. I accidentally said IgG 4 was elevated when I meant IgG 2. IgG 4 was low normal. My Vit D was also extremely low (on supplements). The PTH was high normal. A liver specialist is now looking at my case because my ALT shot way up (>3X normal) after having some invasive procedures. I think whatever is going on it is autoimmune (in family) because it seems that any time anything is done to me everything just goes to ****. My biggest problems are: fatigue, abdominal pain, steatorrhea, scleritis, weight loss (55 lbs now), chest pain, nausea (going over a year now with these issues), fluctuating elevations in LFT's and lipase. I have had two EUS's, MRCP, biopsies in the top and bottom of my small bowel, focussed CT scan of pancreas...apparently all normal. I was expecting a liver biopsy, but they are afraid of risk, feeling that the ANA (while on prednisone) at 1:160 (speckled) and positive ds-DNA at 1:10 may possibly indicate autoimmune, but it's not bad enough yet or something (I wish they could be on my end...getting a bit tired of feeling sick as you can imagine).

Sometimes I just think this is so obviously SLE: Raynauds, that weird fishnet like stuff (livedo reticulitis?), pleurisy, GERD and motility problems, hypercoaguability (on warfarin), little blisters in sun, etc.....but, they just don't want to make that call.

Does the Vit D deficiency (I've had that a long time) and high normal PTH and immunoglobulin abnormalities fit with SLE? I know this pancreatitis thing is rare for SLE, but can happen as initial event. I don't know about liver involvement.

Thanks again for responses and well wishes....
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Some answers to questions...

I am not on prednisone now, but was last August (for scleritis...which has become a constant problem) when a rheumatologist in Boston (at MGH) drew the blood that revealed the postive ANA and ds-DNA. At the time I still had elevated lipase and liver enzymes.

Thank you Lily for letting me know there is no connection between the Vit D (and high normal PTH) or immunoglobulin abnormalities and SLE. That is helpful.

I haven't been on prednisone for practically a year. This is a very confusing/complicated situation. I have seen the rheumatologist in Boston once last summer. I have recently seen GI in Boston as well and am now hoping that the liver specialist here can help me. I don't really have the money or desire to travel all over the place to find an answer (feel like giving up and trying something alternative). This is very frustrating and I know that everyone on here knows that frustration.

Thanks for the support and answers...

I think there actually is a link between immunodeficiency and SLE.
Thanks again

Thanks for the responses again and Lily, sorry I reread what you said and you didn't say anything about a disconnect between immunodeficiency and SLE.

When this all started for me it was right after I had a surgery that required four vaccinations...makes me wonder if that's what kicked this off. In that surgery they also put an artificial mesh on my diagphram. I asked the surgeon if that could have triggered it and he said "No" quite definitively.

I'm waiting on more blood tests to see if they are going to do a liver biopsy, but I am going to ask about a referral to an immunologist.

Thanks again!!!!!
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