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I'm melting ..........

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hideous hideous sweats - I have been walking around all day with a towel around my neck to catch the sweat that is rolling off my face. I feel like total doggy do, cns stuff is reving up, body aches and I feel like total crap.

just moaning - i had to do into work for a bit today but told them I wouldn't be in tomorrow. I will just turn into a puddle instead.

If i still feel revolting tomorrow i will probably do see my doc and get my pred increased coz i really need to be at work this week - lots of projects at fairly crucial stages and i can't hand them over to someone else unfortunately. But tomorrow i am not getting off the couch

thanksfor listening

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Hi Raglet
I am new to all this but saw your post and just wanted to say sorry you are having a bad time at the moment i can entirely relate to the feeling like rubbish I had a bad week last week which actually prompted me to try and find out some more about whats wrong with me (after a bit of nagging from the other half who has been on at me for ages to try and see someone or talk to someone who knows what they are doing!). I have just finished my 3 night shifts so of course i am suffering a bit with you but its better than last week so i am just grateful for that!! Anyway lust wanted to give you a bit of support and i hope you feel better after some rest!! take care D xox :)
Hello Raglet,
Here I thought I was the only one suffering from sweating. I look like I am having a hot flash that lasts for hours. It is embarressing to say the least! No one seems to be able to tell me why. My sweating is so bad it effects my blood tests, i can't replace the fluid fast enough. Every little activity causes it even eating a sandwich. I do feel sorry for you!! Is this new? Do you have a fever? When I was working, my nursing uniform was white. I did a real silly thing and wore a white lacy bra, needless to say it became see through from sweating. I am sure some of the patients enjoyed it! I thought I would die! I thought the sweating was caused from the Prednisone or the methotrexate. Still have no clue! If you find out why, please let me know!! Hope your feeling better!! If you want a laugh, I can tell you another funny story about my sweating. This occured at a grocery store!!

(((((((((Raglet)))))))) im so sorry to hear that youre not feeling so good

i hope that you start to feel better soon:getwell:

i dont know whats going on with me for the past 3 nights i havent been able
to sleep at all and nothing is bothering me its weird.:sad: :sad:

wishing you get well soon,

I'm sorry ((((Raglet))))), - as if you didn't have enough already to deal with.

Feel better soon I hope

I am sorry your feeling so poorly. I hope the increased Pred, helps you feel better very soon. I say..Yes, stay on the couch tomorrow! You certainly deserve it..:)


sorry you're feeling rotten :sad: you make the most of tomorrow & do nothing at all!
hope everything settles quickly for you :fingers:
take good care
:hug: :flowery: karen x
Sorry you're feeling so rough :hug:

Hope you can curl up with a good book tomorrow....

I suggest 'Ice Cold in Alex'
'The Snows of Killamanjaro'
'The Ice Man Cometh'
'Cool Runnings'

:rotfl: Just kidding. I have had the night sweats so I really do sympathise
Hi Raglet,

Hoping your feeling better soon!:flower2:

Take care of yourself,
Hi Raglet,

I hope you feel better soon. It really does sound very uncomfortable for you right now. It never rains but it pours eh?


Pam xxx
aaww you poor thing, sorry raglet can't help much, just wanted to send you a big hug:grhug: :there:
you slob out on the coach, hope you feeling better soon

You must be poorly to miss time off work. I hope this passes for you.

Let us know how you are

Luv n stuff
(((((((( Raglet ))))))))) You deal with so much and do it with such grace. Sometimes I wonder how you keep your sanity. It may be cold comfort, but I really admire you. You are my personal inspiration and hero.

Gentle hugs of the non-sweat producing kind,
Know how you feel !!! I get horrid night sweats and also sweat awfully during the day, yet fingers and toes are blue with cold (??) This horrible Lupus gets us all ways. I thought my night sweats might be due to menopause (but I'm only a young 43), but doc says not. On a positive note, as I've put on weight from the steroids (not all that Christmas grub), hopefully I could lose it all from just one night sleep !!!! Keep smiling ad take care xxx
thanks guys - the melting has stopped (yay!) but the fatigue kicked in big time, so today I took some provigil to get me out of bed and off to work. Which worked, but I find it rather like drinking a zillion cups of coffee (minus the hammering heart). I can physically get up and sit on a chair all day, but the old cognitive functioning is still pretty fuzzy. But, I had a meeting I had to be at etc so it was all good.

Now I can't sleep - geesh, provigil is not meant to affect the sleep, but it does with me. Oh well, I have some sleeping meds on hand, so I will just take some - which is really bizzare when you think that my basic problem at the moment is crushing fatigue.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy, but this weekend I am going to stay with my mum for 3 days (she lives next to a gorgeous beach) so I will get plenty of time lying around doing nothing

love to you all

I've started having these night sweats and thought they were related to some of my meds? Is it related to lupus? I'm so confused, I have to change my sheets every few days and I chill so bad during the day.:sad:
Hi Raglet,

Glad to hear your day on the couch helped a little. Sounds like time at the beach is an even better prescription.

When I was taking the sample packs of Provigil I had a hard time sleeping too. When the insurance didn't approve it for me I didn't fight it because I hated the side effects. Can you believe they turned me down because extreme fatigue isn't a factor in Lupus like it is with MS or Parkinson's? They will claim anything to save money.

Enjoy your weekend.

Take care,
I hope you come back from your mom's house feeling so much better.
Take Care,
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