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Hello Charlotte,

Welcome to the website. I'm sorry you have been feeling scared and worried and that the diagnoses is lupus.

I can say you are in the right place.

Your Rheumy as we call them should take blood and urine and examine you. Hopefully since you have already been diagnosed he/she will start you on meds to help you to feel better.

If they put you on plaquenil, a well known med for lupies(that is what we call us :) ) then it can take up to 6 months before it fully kicks in but you may feel better right after taking it.

If they put you on prednisone you will gain weight but should feel better right away.

There are many more meds out there that your doc could see that you need so don't be surprised if you end up with a drug store of meds after a while.

People,, loved ones and strangers seem to have a hard time understanding what we go through,, the pain, fatigue, good days, and bad days so don't get too frustrated when people look at you and think your faking it. Just come here and vent your frustrations,, we will totally understand :)

People with this illness these days live long lives with the new meds they have out now so I won't worry too much.
I know right before i was diagnosed i thought i was dying,, that's how bad i felt, just awful inside and out.

Well I'm still here and so are you and we will chat online soon one day i hope to discuss your feelings and all else.

Just remember,, this website is one of the best places you can be right now and don't worry.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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