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I'm not mad

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Hello everyone,
I found this site because I googled sore skin and lupus. I couldnt find anywhere where anybody else mentioned feeling like you are bruised and sore with lupus but i found it on the forum here. I'm sorry other people get this too but I'm pleased to know I'm not going mad. I don't have fibromyalgia.
take care
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Hi Trish and :welcome:

Yes, I too feel bruised and sore quite a lot. My skin can be very sensitive to the touch and seems to be linked with how bad I'm feeling. It's a notion that I have a har time explaining to my doc.

I'm a little more sore today, as I succeeded in falling twice yesterday due to wet conditions while training the dog :hehe: as my hubby would say, your own silly fault!

I hope you enjoy being here with us,
bye for now,
Hi Trish

Pain/numbness in my hands, legs or back normally wakes me up at ridiculous hours. This morning it was both my arms at 1:20am and every hour on the hour after... it's such a crazy feeling!

Hope you're feeling a bit better today!

X T X:)
Hi Trish

Welcome to the Forum:)

I'm glad you have already found some useful information. It certainly helps to know that we are not alone with these symptoms.

Welcome again and I look forward to getting to know you

Take care for now
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