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I love Lazylegs idea of putting it into a calendar with those annoying reminder messages every day. ;) The way I do it is give it all to my hubby!
But when I was doing bills, I just took care of it as soon as it came in. I also have a little incoming/outgoing mail center so I can clearly see when something needs to go out b/c I almost forgot to take something to a mailbox one time.

The other really good option these days is to do the online payments and automatic withdrawals - then you will need to be good about checking your accounts and making sure they are done and you record them as money gone out...

That is an awful lot to forget to do... do you believe it is the lupus causing memory issues... or do you think depression is setting in leading you to not do things you used to do? That is a concern I have for you after what you just wrote.

As for insurance, you can also check into Medicaid if your financial position is not good at the moment. A lot of people are going on it these days from losing jobs and not having enough income to pay for any private insurance (but also a low enough income to qualify for Medicaid which you may or may not qualify for depending on the size of your Short Term Disability Check).

I hope you call tomorrow to ask about LTD, to get that question off your mind. Then make the other phone calls for the things most important to you to see if you can get back what you want back.

(((hugs))) Take care...
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