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My name is Matt I'm a 32 year old male and I've thought that lupus could explain my issues.
About 8 years ago I started having mass amounts of blood in the water after a bowel movement. This led to a G.I. and Colonoscopy with no results. Still this occurs at least once a year. It's not blood in stool but just like I cut myself and bled over the water.
About 5 years ago my right arm starting hurt and I went to P.T. and fixed it. The pain was in the muscle but it went away with P.T.

About 3 years ago I started having pain in my thighs. It quickly became extremely bad and I had to start using a cane. The pain was worse in my left leg but was still bad in my right also. One Dr. thought I had Bursitis and we went through everything including removing the entire bursae in surgery.
About a year and a half into this pain it migrated to my shoulders. Again worse on the left but both hurt extremely bad.
I've gone through many doctors now and about a year ago I read about Lupus and it's effect on muscles. I thought that this may explain all the odd things that have gone on. I have what looks like sunburn over my nose but it's not raised at all and with my complexion is not that bright.

My Dr. has done every blood test in the book and at one time informed me that with blood like mine i'd never die. CPK was normal. Autoimmune was normal. Everything they've run has been normal.
I guess I'm looking to you all as you may be able to guide me a little.
Nobody want's to have Lupus but 3 years in to this and I'm on 4 types of pain meds a day I want a label to at least say... that's it.

I have a 2 year old little girl and it just kills me to not be able to play with her the way I want.
I'd hoped in posting this to gain some knowledge to pass to my Dr. or to be able to say Lupus just doesn't fit and I need to keep going.

I wish you all well and thank you for reading this.
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