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Hi Kate,

I'm afraid I'm not at all knowledgeable on most of the other things you have been diagnosed with, but I would agree that it does sound as if it could be something auto-immune. If you take a look at the criteria and alternative criteria posted at the top of this section, I think you'll find that you have many things which seem familiar to you.

I would definitely get a referral to a rheumatologist, even if bloods are coming back negative for lupus. The bloods can sometimes be slower than the other symptoms and in some rare cases people don't have the postive ANA antibodies that are used as a first screening test for lupus.

Having a rheumatologist follow you in general for all these symptoms and the fibro would be a good idea.

At least if you do find a correct diagnosis for all your troubles, you should hopefully be able to get treatment that is better adapted.

I would certainly make a list of your symptoms. You may not see a link but a good rheumy should. Also, if you have any rashes or swelling which come up from time to time get someone to take a picture of them. They have a nasty habit of disappearing on the morning of your appointment and as they say pictures speak louder than words at times.

By the way, memory and concentration problems or "brain fog" are very common with lupus - and very frustrating - so you can add that to your list.

I hope that helps a little,

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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