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I have moved your post to tests and procedures so that the other members that are knowledgeable about lab work can reply.
The RF factor can be positive in multiple illnesses including Lupus. With Rheumatoid Arthritis patients only 1/2 get a positive RF factor on their blood tests. Since your result is still in the range considered normal it really doesn't mean anything. At least that is what the doctors will tell you.

I had a similar experience with my sed rate. The first 8 years I was ill it was never higher than 6. When I came out of remission it was coming back 12 to 14 for the longest time. Then it creeped up to 18 and 19. My doctor kept telling me it was normal and it didn't matter how much closer it was to 20 it was still just normal. Since then i have times when it goes over 20 but nothing really high like some members here.

Personally I think the change in my sed rate is signficant because this time around I am very ill as compared with the first 8 years when I worked mostly full time.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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