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Hello everyone, hope you're all okay.
I'm having a lot of problems with infections at the moment. I had cystitis a few weeks ago, now I have a vaginal infection, a fungal infection & upper respiratory infection all at the same time. I'm on amoxycillin 500mg for the respiratory infection which I've had for a few months now but GP didn't want to treat with antibiotics because of the warfarin & using ointment for the skin infection.
I've got to wait for the swab result of the other infection to come back before they can treat it.
I've also been suffering all over itching which I've got to take antihistamines for & use aqueous cream with menthol which hopefully will relieve it. The GP ordered some blood tests to check my thyroid function , liver/renal function ,ferretin, iron studies & FBC. She is worried about my iron levels because it keeps dropping within a couple of months of stopping iron tablets. She is also worried because of my reduced kidney function.
Is it normal to have infections so often?

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Hi Angie,

Sorry you are having these problems right now :( if it's not one thing it's another and sometimes it's everything altogether :rolleyes:

Anytime I had to take antibiotics I make sure I use probiotics as well. The antibiotics not only kill of the infection we are suffering from but kill off the good bacteria as well. Those good bacteria often keep fungal infections in particular in check. We all have fungus it's just when the balance is thrown apart that we get symptoms. Worth a try, that may possibly be adding to this.

Your pharmacy can advise on the correct way to use probiotics and they should be stored in the refrigerator at the point of sale and also when you have them about home (otherwise they are useless). I remember my pharmacist telling me to dose with them either 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after the antibiotic otherwise it interferes with it. It's worth continuing dosage for some weeks after the antibiotic is finished too just to build up the good bacteria in your body.

Hope this helps and that you get over these infections soon :hug:

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I don't think it could ever be called "normal" to have a lot of infections even if you had lupus. People on immunosuppressant medications tend to have more infections, and people who also have low IgA and/or IgM deficiencies will have more infections that the average person or the average lupus patient.

I was found to have low IgA levels a few years ago when I was catching nearly every infection my young daughter got/brought home from daycare. Low IgA levels are associated with and raise the possibility of developing lupus or another autoimmune disease. If you've frequently had more infections that the average person over your adult life then it may be worth investigating this as a possibility. If you have it, then treatment of infections can change (usually you stay on antibiotics twice as long).

Hope it clears up for you soon and stays away.
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Funny you should say that.
On both lots of bloodtests that the local rheumy ran , I have had low IGA levels.
I'll have to mention this at my appointment next month.
Thanks for the info.
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