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info please

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I am having a terrible time finding a dr that will take me serious. It all started 3 1/2 weeks ago I got a terrible pain in my hips and lower back where I couldn't even bend over for 3 days, then it went away, but as soon as it was gone I developed a fever. My fever usually runs between 99-101. I've been to 2 different dr's who say my WBC is low but it's probably just a virus. I'm hurting all over, my knees especially and my arms tend to feel like they are falling asleep. Also my muscles in my arms and legs are so weak when I just simply move them in bed they feel like I have been doing continuous reps of some workout. I just do not think this is a virus because my husband and 15 month old daughter haven't caught anything and they drink after me and kiss me. Also if I drink a glass of wine or any kind of alcohol the symptoms become worse. I can usually take 600 mg of ibuprofen every 5 hours and keep my fever down and the aches to a minimum. I just really would like to know if anyone else is experiencing anything like what I am, I'm begining to think that I just have to live with a constant fever and pains.
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Hi snwhite :)

Your symptoms could really be from so many things I am sorry you are suffering :( I think at this stage that all you can do is keep going back to your doctor each week if things haven't improved and they can run some more blood tests.

Did you have a look at the criteria used to help diagnose Lupus which is pinned at the top of this forum? Maybe there are some more specific symptoms there that you have suffered from in the past.

If your current problems have only been going on for 3 1/2 weeks and you have never had them before then it may take a little while to sort out exactly what is going on.

I wish you luck :luck:

Oh Dear, I am afraid you may have to be patient a little longer.

When you say wine affects you, it could be significant if you are drinking red wine, the sulpha in it makes quite a few of us ill. Personally, one mouthful and I feel as if I have been kicked in the kidneys.

It is a hard line to call between being patient, and letting things go on too long. Maybe you could at least ask your Docs. what the plan is if you don't improve soon.
x Lola
Hi snwhite,
Katherine is right it is so difficult to say what could be going on.
Thde one thing that i will say is that it can be a long drawn out process when it comes to diagnosing the diseases of the connective tissues
or indeed other disease.
Doctors (gp's) do not usually pull out all the stops straight away. Its a process of seeing you many times and building a picture of symtoms and trying to elimainate things like virus' which by the way can go on and on.
I had a period of 4 mths last year with one virus after another, which didn't help with putting a case forward for a possible disease.

Hope things work out for you amd that you start to feel better soon.

Hi there, I am sorry about all the different things you are going thru right now. If
you are going to your GP, he is not doing his job. I would write down how I felt each
day of the week, then make an appt for every Monday, if he ask's why, just tell you can't stand this any longer and you need to be taken seriously. If that should fail, ask him for a referral to be seen by a Rheumatologist. One thing you will need all along is patience, and plenty of it. Be well.
Thanks to all of you for even replying at all. I just feel like I'm at a dead end road. They did an ANA test and said it was positive, but I don't really know what that means. My dr doesn't sound concerned she said it's probably a false positive, which really irritates me that she's not taking this serious. thanks again everyone
Hi snwhite,

Sometimes people get a positive ANA reading from things other than autoimmune diseases. Some viruses and bacterial infections can cause it to become positive fleetingly. It should most definitely be retested if you continue to feel ill. Do you know what the numbers of the test were/i.e. the titre?

Thanks again to everyones comments. I went to a new dr today (think I've found my new GP). She was very helpful, she doesn't seem to think I have a virus at all since no one around me seems to be getting sick. She has set me up an apt with a rheumatologist so now I'm just waiting on that. She said my blood test looked a lil like it could possibly be lupus or RA. RA does run in my family so who knows. I'm just glad to be moving forward in the process
Glad things are moving in the right direction for you.

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