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Infrared Sauna

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Hi there, my husband has just recently purchased an infrared sauna for me due to the fact i had a course of treatment last year and felt great afterwards.Now on doing a little bit more reserch i have stumbled apon the advice to all Lupus patients is 2 proceed with caution.Yet some other sites say it may benefit sufferers.I am really confused and worried i'll do myself more harm.My sauna is due to arrive on Tuesday and i am wondering wether or not i'll be allowed to use it.
Does anyone know much about this or have any advise regarding the use of them,any advice would be very appreciated.
Kind regards Gwenni x:worried:
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Hi Gwynne

I have no idea about the infrared bit, but I do know that I love sauna's, find them very relaxing and have not noticed them causing any problem with my lupus.

I have no idea if the regular sort of sauna is infared or not, I just know it feels good after a workout in the gym !

Which bit are you concerned about - the sauna (heat etc) or it being infrared ?

hope you do get to enjoy your sauna, sometimes a little research can be a dangerous thing, but then I tend to live dangerously and find out by experience .....

best of luck

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I love being devil's advocate especially if it means contradicting Raglet but this is my genuine take on it: there is no way I want to increase the heat of my inner body core or the core heat of my inner body or whatever, mucking about with my veins. As it is external heat does a very good number on me thanks very much. It is as contraindicated as steam saunas for certain conditions or must used with extreme caution, taking the well advertised precautions.
But then I don't trust anything that claims to relieve every chronic disease and especially if it talks "detox" mumbo jumbo whatever that's supposed to mean.
The sites that mention possible problems are more trustworthy than those which don't, whatever their product

So you now have one person who says Go for it!, and another, gloom and doomer, who says No way!
Best to ask your doctor what he thinks about its possible risks in your case.

I feel better (about everything) after 2 stiff G&T's but that doesn't mean they are good for me.

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Infrared Saunas

Thanks guys but now im in even more of a pickle,i think ill go ahead and ask the good ole doc and maybe a few GnTs 2!!
I'll keep u guys posted.
Thanks again,
Gwenni xx
now that's an idea, down a couple of GnT's then jump into the sauna .......

Asking your doctor sounds like a mighty fine idea

I just want to add my 2 cents here too. Everyone is different so i can only speak as to what the infra red sauna did for me. Before I was diagnosed I thought i had fibromyalgia ,and that an infra red sauna sounded like just the thing to soothe my achy joints and muscles. A local spa had one, and my daughter and I thought we'd give it a try. It made me feel SO much worse.
I am with the people who say you should probably stay away from anything that will raise your core temperature. It only makes sense to me that if we have a lot of imflamation in our bodies ,then applying heat to our bodies would only exacerbate that. So I try to stay away from becoming overheated in any way. Be it from the sun ,saunas, heating pads etc.
Good luck, Kate
I say ask your doctor first if there are any contraindications to a sauna for you in particular, and then if at all possible try one out at a gym or somewhere a few times to see how you react to it before setting up one that you bought (& can't return!).

Personally, I tried the sauna at a gym and it made me feel horrible. Had large areas of rashes on my legs which looked like livido reticulitis (although I always thought that was something that was supposed to happen in the *cold*!
Infrared Sauna

Thanks guys for all your replies,i will take your advice on board.
I should have said that traditional saunas i cant cope with but after a trial of 5 consecutive treatments of only 15 mins in these infrared ones i had a remarkable boost in energy and less aches and pains it also made me feel really positive.The fact that i drove there everyday for 5 days was quite remarkable in itself as i normally cant do that for the pain.
I will however consult my doctor, to make sure im not going to be doing myself any harm.
My therory is when u feel as bad as we do most days,anything that makes us even remotely better about ourselves is worth a try,i however understand it may not be the case for everybody.
Thanks for your support and for listening.
Love Gwenni x0x0x:)
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