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Injections reaction: flu & pneumo

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Hi all just wondering if anyone can help,on Monday i went to see doctor about my big toe as it has been painfull for the past couple of weeks,while i was there he gave me the phnumonia jab and the flu jab since then i have been in agony with my left arm and am finding it so painfull to move.
I was wondering how many of you have had problems and how long does it last,as i have had hardly had any sleep since having these jabs.I do not know which one i am allergic to as i did not bother to ask what one was put in my arms.
By the way he says my toe is a lupus thing and he cannot help with that.
Hope you can give me answers hugs
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Hi Sandy,

A few years ago I used to have very serious bouts of recurring bronchitis every six months which were always borderline pneumonia and the doc gave me a pneumocoque vaccine - I don't know if that's the one you had - and I had the exact same reaction as you. It took about two weeks to clear up comepletely and I said never again. It was extraordinarily painful. It was, however, the last time I ever had a bronchial infection.

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