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Injections reaction: flu & pneumo

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Hi all just wondering if anyone can help,on Monday i went to see doctor about my big toe as it has been painfull for the past couple of weeks,while i was there he gave me the phnumonia jab and the flu jab since then i have been in agony with my left arm and am finding it so painfull to move.
I was wondering how many of you have had problems and how long does it last,as i have had hardly had any sleep since having these jabs.I do not know which one i am allergic to as i did not bother to ask what one was put in my arms.
By the way he says my toe is a lupus thing and he cannot help with that.
Hope you can give me answers hugs
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Sorry to hear that the vaccines have reacted badly for you and hope you feel much better soon!

As to the toe, Iv'e had problems with one sore toe, felt stiff and painful for weeks - okay now! My Immunologist is aware that it occured and examined the toe. He does not think its lupus, but not sure exactly what it could be - but important to keep a history of these things for his future reference. He did say it could be circulation, injury, and so on and so on!

Take care,

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