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Injections reaction: flu & pneumo

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Hi all just wondering if anyone can help,on Monday i went to see doctor about my big toe as it has been painfull for the past couple of weeks,while i was there he gave me the phnumonia jab and the flu jab since then i have been in agony with my left arm and am finding it so painfull to move.
I was wondering how many of you have had problems and how long does it last,as i have had hardly had any sleep since having these jabs.I do not know which one i am allergic to as i did not bother to ask what one was put in my arms.
By the way he says my toe is a lupus thing and he cannot help with that.
Hope you can give me answers hugs
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Thanks Katherine

It was nice of you to get back to me,i think it was the same vaccine and i can tell you never again as i can hardly move my arm as it is so painfull and i am only getting cat naps as i cannot get to sleep for it. Also one minute i am cold and the next i am sweating buckets today i had to ring my hubby to come home as i feel awfull.
So i guess i will eventually get over the pain.
Thanks again love sandy
Hi Clare

Clare.T;524703 said:
Hello Sandy

I'm sorry about your toe and sore arm too. I had both pneumococcal and flu both in the arm as far as I remember. I can't think they would be anywhere else certainly not in a toe !
I'd say my arm was far more sore after getting the two together than it has been after the flu vaccine alone in subsequent years. It's always hard to accept bad effects from preventative medicine. On the reasonable assumption that the vaccine works, having a sore arm for a few days has to be preferable to getting the disease. I hope it mends soon and the toe feels better soon too

When i went to the doctors it was only for my toe as i can only walk on my heel,in time i will get used to the pain with meds.
No doubt my arm pain will subside,i did not even know we were supposed to have these jabs as i did not see my normal gp as he was on holiday.
He told me the lupus is propably causing the toe soreness.
As for the disease i only have mild sle and told it is nothing to worry about.
Yes i was pleased with this doctor as i have not seen him before and he kept insisting that if i did not let him do them then and there, i would have to come back to see the nurse.
I do not mind the pain i was only wanting to know if many of you have had the same experiences,that was all.
Hi All

Thanks for the replies, today my arm is still very sore but the pain in my neck and under arm is getting a bit better. The doctor rang me and asked to see me as it was a bad reaction.
Regarding the toe he says that he thinks the bone running from the toe is causing it as it really sticks up and i have a problem with shoes fitting.
He wants me to mention it next time i go to Rhuemy but in the meantime he wants me to have an Xray.
I will keep you posted as to what they think it is in the meantime i want to say once again thankyou for the replies.
Hugs Sandy
Clare.T;524749 said:
Sandy, I am sorry I somehow got totally confused and thought you had had an injection for the pain in your toe as well as the vaccinations. I also hadn't seen your second post when I posted (NB to self - not a good idea to leave the PC when in the middle of posting)

I hope you feel much better today but if not I think you should contact your doctor.

I haven't heard of toes being affected from lupus, just gout, but there's lots I never heard of of course.:hehe: Maybe a steroid injection would help with it.

I hope you're feeling much better - some people do get a flu like reaction to the flu vaccine but I dont know what can be normally expected if anything from the pneumo one so best to check it out.

Many hugs
Hi Clare
The doctor did say amongs other things it could possibly be gout as my mam suffered for years with gout,sometimes she had to behospitalised as she was in so much pain.
As teenagers we never really understood,we thought it was like henry 8th she had good feeding but now i understand it is not.
I only hope i am not getting gout as now i know what she must of went through.
I am sticking to doctors guns and saying its a lupie thing, as we lupies get allsorts of pains in our bodies.
Today i am feeling a lot better but sick of wearing sandals as it is getting colder,when hubby comes home we are going shopping again to see if i can get a soft shoe.

Hugs Sandy
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