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With a 7 month old baby to look after and trying to work, I don't have the time I'd like to keep the site ( up to date. That's why I'm asking if any of our members can help?

What I'm looking for-
* anyone who can update any of the information on the site (latest drugs used to treat lupus that we don't have featured, any new tests, etc)
* suggestions for new pages/information we can feature on the site
* people to submit their experiences of different treatments used for lupus (a brief story of your experience with a particular medication, if it's helped or not, side effects suffered, etc)

* information must not be copied from anywhere else. Other websites and books can be used for research purposes, but copyrights must be adhered to.
* I'd prefer new articles on drugs/treatments to be written by someone with a medical background if possible.
* sorry, but no financial renumeration can be made for any articles/information submitted. Named credit will be given on relevant pages.

If you think you can help or have any ideas, please PM me saying what you're able to do. Please do not send actual articles at this stage. If you PM me I'll let you know what to do next.

Thank you! :)
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