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I had labs drawn initially as part of a research study for gastroparesis which revealed an ANA 1:160 homogenous, elevated ESR, IgM-277 and IgA-512. I was subsequently referred to a rheumy who referred me for add'l labs, a neuro-opthamologist and the UCSF Sjogren's Clinic. 27 vials later, I received the results, but don't understand how they inter-relate.Here are the abnormal results (in addition to the above):
Anti-Histone 7.3 positive (greater than 2.5 is positive)
SS-B 3.9 (less than 1.0 neg.)
Lyme 1.37 (less than 1.10 neg)
HLA27- A. Antigens 3, 29
B. Antigens 7, 44

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for you input.

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Welcome to the forum BonusMom

I can't say how they inter relate or might be interpreted - that's what doctors have to do in the context of the individual's health status. The anti La is associated with Sjogren's but is rarely found on its own usually along with anti Ro. The ANA is not all that high enough but would be sufficient depending on what other signs and symptoms there are and if no other reason for a positive ANA

Gastroparesis is occasionally found in autoimmune connective tissue diseases and it sounds as if that's what you are being investigated for. Presumably you got such thorough testing because it's in a research setting with university doctors. As far as I know testing for HLA type isn't all that common unless it's considered essential for differential diagnosis or academic interest
Anti histones aren't all that much use in diagnosing lupus, unless drug induced lupus is suspected and I don't know enough about the other tests to comment at all. But diseases are the symptoms with the blood work being confirmation.

Good luck

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