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Hi there :)

Again, I don't live where you do but I would want to look into this very carefully before making any decisions.

The way it works here is if you are signed on for "unemployment" you are therefore "fit" to work and would lose any DLA or benefits you might have. Unemployment here also only lasts for a certain time - you have an obligation to apply for and be interviewed for jobs (even if they are wholly impractical to where you live or your situation) and/or follow training. If you don't do all of the above (which I certainly couldn't) you then lose your unemployment benefit altogether and along with it lose all rights other than the very basic minimum.

My job was the same as yours - I used to do in-company training, teaching English and communication skills in English. As I am self employed that means taking on three or four months of work for each group of students I accept. Obviously, it became totally impossible and for the last couple of years I either haven't worked at all or have done a very small amount of translation (which at least can be done from home). The problem with translation (and teaching) is that it requires a rapid brain that can make the connection between the two languages - some days it's hard enough speaking coherently in one.

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