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has anyone else out been throught this
i have been told by some one in benefits office that if i get my dr to give me a signing off line and say that i am fit for work then i should go to the dole office and sign onto job seekers and then after 13 weeks they will pay the intrest on my morgage
any one else in the same sitution as me i cant work or cant work much due to being tired and sore and all the other stuff lupus brings with it and i am a driving instructor so i can only work
1 when i have students
2 when i am well enough
so if i take on students and then after a few weeks i have a bad day or bad week or so then i cant keep them as they want to learn and i am not well enought to take them out or i might be well enought for 3 months to work
in a pickle as to what to do i need to work when i can as the sickness benefit i get which amoints to about 190 a fortnight well does not stretch very far
is there any other benefit i would be intitled to i have been awarded d.l.a i get lower rate so in total i get about 600 a month to live on and our morgage is 500 when i asked about anyother help i was told i could get nothing
any advice
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