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I was wondering if any of you have noticed a worsening change with your lupus or fibro since our climate is now doing wacky things? Right now in my area we are having humidity with a nasty heat wave that is driving me nuts. Noticed this started 3 years ago when our weather turned to much hotter temps in the summer. Those nasty heat waves we are having in my area is bad! And it seems to be aggitating my illness more so than usual. Any of you also having climatic problems with your illness! Just curious how many of us have the same problems and wonder what things are helpful in coping with it! Thanks! This site is so friendly! Wished I could come in here more often but I get really bad days and sometimes I just can't sit at my computer and enjoy it because I just feel so bad. But everybody I have met so far in here are really wonderful people. A very nice friendly group an so many of us to where I have problems keeping up on posting. But you all are just great! Thank-you all for posting to me and giving me support! You just don'y know how good it feels to have that little extra support. :faint:
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