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Hello my name is amanda im 28y old and currently awaiting a refferal to the hospital for further investigations regarding my illnesses .

I went to see a consultant for a lump in my breast and it was her that has made the refferal for further investiagtions i have made numorous visits to my gp who just diagnosed a viral illness and sent me on my way . I have been having several periods of illness since my little boy was born in 2006 .

Including :

Joint pain
mouth ulcers
night fevers
red rash to face
recurrent symptoms of uti
chest pain
swollen glands
sores in nose
bleeding gums
burning easily after sun exposure ( i have dark skin and usually tan easily )
small petichaie to arms / breast s
lump in breast - ? cause

I have been seen by gp several times who has confirmed a high esr , with a normal crp these were consistant over a 6m period but he still insists on repeating them and general observation at the moment.

I also have urine sample s showing a high white cell count which is not improving after 3 doses of antibiotics , i also have a high protein count in my urine .

My mum was diagnosed with lupus in 1991 , i am just glad that finally someone has listened the symptoms usually appear if i have worked night s or have been in a stressful situation . i recently started my driving lessons and i am curently off work with a ? chest infection and uti , i feel that this illness was triggered by the stress of strarting the lessons .:(

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Hi again Amanda,

I'm afraid none of us can tell you whether it is or isn't lupus. Lupus is a complex disease and many of its symptoms can be found in other diseases, especially auto-immune ones.

Having said that, you do have a lot of the "typical" lupus symptoms so it is definitely worth looking into and getting that referral to a rheumy.

From your other post it seems that the consultant you saw is being very thorough which is excellent.

Lupus can run in families to a certain extent though it is not strictly considered as a heredited disease as apparently only around 5% of children of lupus sufferers will get lupus themselves. It is important to mention that to the docs as it does increase your likelihood even if not much.

I hope that helps a little,
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