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Is my GP right?

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Hi I have a lot of symptoms that fit the diagnosis of lupus - although I know I may not have lupus. My GP, who is very sympathetic, did two different blood tests to measure inflammation. I'm sorry I don't know exactly what they were. Because they both came back as negative he has said its not lupus.

I just wanted to ask whether you think he is right or whether other tests should be done as well. Thanks for reading this message.
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Hi and welcome,
Please be aware that not all sle patients have positive ana's. There are a few of us out here who have never had a positive ana. There are a lot more tests which are more specific for lupus than ana. The ACR criteria says that meeting 4 of 11 criteria, with or without lab work, constitutes a diagnosis of sle. Some doctors forget this and automatically rule out sle if the one test is negative.

So, in my opinion, a referral to a rheumatologist is needed. One way to help along your first visit is to keep a symptom journal or diary. Write down what is happening on a daily basis. Then, take it with you to your first rheumy visit. Go over it with your doctor and see what else is there that you may not be aware is happening, but the doctor picks up.
Good luck,
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