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Is my GP right?

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Hi I have a lot of symptoms that fit the diagnosis of lupus - although I know I may not have lupus. My GP, who is very sympathetic, did two different blood tests to measure inflammation. I'm sorry I don't know exactly what they were. Because they both came back as negative he has said its not lupus.

I just wanted to ask whether you think he is right or whether other tests should be done as well. Thanks for reading this message.
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Hiya.. think it is time for referral to a rheumatologist knowledgeable in auto immune diseases.. if you haven't already done so. You know your body isn't behaving itself and you need to know what is going on. You are fortunate to have a good GP, they would be even better if they know when they need to refer, so I would definitely ask for further investigation... all the best.
Claire X
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