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Is there a good Rheumotoligist in Brighton/London?

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I'm new on here. I have been diagnosed with mild pataller sublaxation (Knees), all the surgeons I've seen say it shouls recover in 3-4 months with exercises, but I can't seem to do the exercises due to chronic inflammation. It has now been three years!
Anyone got a similar story?
And does anyone recommend a good and attentive Rheumotologist in London or Brighton UK?
I was considering Huw Beynon as he also works at the Wellington Knee Unit & my problems are mostly knee related (though my hands have gone a bit funny too) anyone ever heard of him?

Best Wishes
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Hello Felicity,

I am wondering if you have hypermobile joints. It is worth finding out as you could possibly be doing no good with the exercises.
I would suggest you look at the Website of The Hypermobility Syndrome Organisation just in case.

I am not trying to diagnose you, but maybe this would be a good start point.
x Lola
I was wondering if your hypermobility is enough of an issue that you need a Rheumy specialising in that. Clare is quite right some bloods to screen for Lupus would be a good idea. Some physio exercises and even some of the gentle sort that you do in Hydrotherapy or Aquacise classes definitely need caution with hypermobility. The reason I mention this is because a locum Physio once gave me exercises that resulted in bleeding all round my knee joints. I was a lot newer to all this then, and these days would know better, which is why I suggest a little accurate knowledge can be a good thing.
This is just based on my experiences and those of my family though.
x Lola
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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