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Is there a good Rheumotoligist in Brighton/London?

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I'm new on here. I have been diagnosed with mild pataller sublaxation (Knees), all the surgeons I've seen say it shouls recover in 3-4 months with exercises, but I can't seem to do the exercises due to chronic inflammation. It has now been three years!
Anyone got a similar story?
And does anyone recommend a good and attentive Rheumotologist in London or Brighton UK?
I was considering Huw Beynon as he also works at the Wellington Knee Unit & my problems are mostly knee related (though my hands have gone a bit funny too) anyone ever heard of him?

Best Wishes
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Hi Lola

I am hyper-mobile, but my physio knows that....
Why do you mention it?
Hi Clare,

Brilliant, I have looked at St Thomas (and their criteria) that was very helpful.

The most intense symptom I have been having is with the swollen knees, so I was looking for an all round rheumotologist, (no kidney damage and GP's ANA test seems fine) but interestingly I have several symptoms on the St Thomas Criteria as well! So surprising, especially the allergy to Septrin & sulphonomides…..

If I went to see a Lupus specialist would they also be testing me for other auto immune diseases? Or should I see just a general Rheum? Do you recommend a particular person at St Thomas? It's all a bit confusing!

I would really like to read your link between hypermobility and autoimmune diseases... but I can't find it. Can you forward an http address on?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,
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Hi Lola,

I have trouble with my physio exercises so that may be worth looking into.
I'm not dramatically hypermobile, but I do have hyper-mobile knee caps & hip joints. I wonder if I am hypermobile enough for it to be important. Is there much a rheum specialising in that can do? Do they administer cortisone injections do you know?

It is the bizzare swelling and inflammation that seems to be the main problem at the moment I think, rather than the hypermobility. Even if I rest for 6 weeks it takes ages to go down, so will try the auto-immune line of investigation first, then the hypermobility one,
but much much thanks,

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