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Is TMJ related to lupus?

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I was just wondering if TMJ could be related to having lupus, since it is a connective tissue.

I have been having problems with my left jaw. I was in an auto accident a good while back. I was hit broadside(driver's door). I had TMJ problems from the accident and went through **** getting it under control.
I am curious if my tmj has become an arthritis thing now from past trauma to the face,neck and back. Or if the past accident is just haunting me,and created arthiritis with time. Having lupus is no help just makes things more complicated. I feel i shouldn't blame everything on lupus but it is confusing as a disease.

Anyone familiar with this stuff?

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Dear Florie,

Is your pain constant, or does it come and go, sort of like the flow of symptoms? I can say only that I had jaw pain in the joint on one side for about 3 wks, then it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Nothing was done treatment-wise for my pain. It just left me. I do have migrating pain that settles in one place for a few weeks, then leaves. Many other pains migrate night to night.

It's hard not to connect symptoms with Lupus, especially given the fact that these pains can be a result of inflammation, one of the hallmarks of lupus.

If your pains started with injury and fluctuate, I bet they could be explained by the flares of lupus.

What helps you feel better?

Sorry to go on and on. Just hope you feel some relief soon and that it doesn't require more pain to get there!

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