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Is TMJ related to lupus?

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I was just wondering if TMJ could be related to having lupus, since it is a connective tissue.

I have been having problems with my left jaw. I was in an auto accident a good while back. I was hit broadside(driver's door). I had TMJ problems from the accident and went through **** getting it under control.
I am curious if my tmj has become an arthritis thing now from past trauma to the face,neck and back. Or if the past accident is just haunting me,and created arthiritis with time. Having lupus is no help just makes things more complicated. I feel i shouldn't blame everything on lupus but it is confusing as a disease.

Anyone familiar with this stuff?

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hi. thanks for posting this.

very interesting. i was in the same type of crash. it's not entirely clear yet if i have lupus or some other lupus like illness that doesn't have a name. i had some unusual toxic exposure which caused my illness.

i think mine is a combo of having weak enamel from all the vomiting. and having clamped down muscles from the accident that just won't release like normal muscles.

but who really knows. good luck with your healing. i know how you feel!
oh ps. the dentist gave me a flyer yesterday about what causes TMDs

injuries to jaw or head
diseases of the muscles or joints, such as arthritis

that sounds like a trifecta to me!
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