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It Is So Quiet Around Here

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:yawn: :whistle: :clock: Of course right now it is quiet since it is early in the morning, but all day long it is so quiet around here. I do live in an apartment complex where most of the people are 62 or over, or on disability. We do have some people in the building who are younger, but I am the youngest person in the building. I am not the most social of people but occasionally I like to get out of the apartment and talk to the other people. We are lucky to have some wildlife around here like:bunny: :bunny: and an occasional possum at night will pass through and lots of birds including hawks, we all like to talk about what we spotted last time we looked outside. Usualy I see people when I get the mail: but it has been rainy:rain: and yucky so people tend to come out get their mail and rush back to their apartments, the mail boxes are inside but people aren't always in the mood to talk. Since I had to take my puppy back, and I think we will be getting a three hundred dollar check as a stimulas incentive, a boost to the economy, I have been thinking about getting a little bird, a parakeet or canary, something tons easier to care for than a furry animal. I've had birds before and they are interesting to watch and the songs and noises they make let me feel not so alone.:wink2: I have just grown quite tired of living alone, I also want to look up the lupus support group and start attending meetings for some new friends.:p I have lost contact with a couple who are angry with me for taking the dog back, I guess I still have some hurt feelings about that, plus I miss their conversations. First I want to feel better physically before I set up for the bird, just to have the energy and stamina to go out and get everything a bird will need. I'm rambling, I better try to at least lay down and perhaps get a little sleep or at least so time horizontal.:yawn: :flower2: :rose: Karly
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Hi, Karly1964! To be honest I don't mind the rambling:) Sometimes it's a nice change to read about a person's life outside of cyberspace and putting aside the daily struggles of living with Lupus, if even just for a moment. Be well and I hope you decide on an animal that suits your needs! They are theraputic to a degree(until you have to clean up their messes:lol: ) Bye for now.
Dear Karly, I have a budgie and a Java Dove and I would not be without them. I was awake all last night too.
x Lola
Yea, I think I want a budgie, no matter what color, they seem to have a nice personality and make some noise and are good company. I'd like to make sure he/she has a huge cage with loads of toys, I think I might be able to get two of them, just have to ask the apartment manager. I've seen them in green, yellow, white, blue, green/yellow, and various mixtures of the previous colors. Because of my low income Soc. Sec. birds would be better because of the fact that they don't required shots, being spay/neutered, licensing etc. But they do have quite funny personalities. Much less stressful to care for the birds than a puppy full of energy and excitement. We are supposed to be getting a $300 check for Stimulus Payment to help the economy, and I think I may buy a few pieces of clothing that I need and then go in search of budgies and cage etc.:p At least I hope that is how it works out. Karly:hehe: PS. Less stress on me about cost, noise, messes....
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