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I wonder if anyone has had this problem. I am continually itching, all over my body. No rash whatsoever, worse behind my ears up into my hair, it is driving me mad. Gets worse when I am warm. Wonder if the cause is Methotrexate. Practice Nurse couldn't give me any clues. Been on Pred for nearly 2 years so can't see it being that.

Any ideas anyone?

Take care

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I had a post about this a little further back. It's probably on the 2nd or 3rd page. Take a look. I had the non-rash itching with the lupus flares. Mine seemed to be brought on by hormones.

My itching is limited to my arms and is related to Raynauds. I have Raynauds as part of my diagnosis. My itching has to do with not enough blood circulating. When this happens I take an extra nifedipine which is used in controlling Raynauds and in about 30 minutes or so it is gone.

I also get itching sometimes if I have taken to hot of a shower. That is always temporary. With Raynauds a person is supposed to avoid hot water in addition to really cold water.

What other issues do you have with your lupus? Have you discussed it with your rheumatologist?

Take care,
Itching After A Shower

:unsure: That's really interesting to hear about the itching. Everytime I have a shower I itch like mad on my arms and legs, it drives me nuts. I had no idea it could be linked to the Raynauds!!! I will mention it to my doc next time. Thanks
:) Hi there, My Rheumy and my Dermy both, told me that since I have sjogrens, which is lack of water, then that is going to act upon all the body, inside and out as far as dryness. The shower part comes in when people like to take hot showere, that would be those of us that are already freezing with Raynauds, and the heat takes all the oils out of our outside skin. I probably spend as much on hand,face,and body creams than some people do on food. I am always putting it on, and I do not itch any more.
Think about it?:wink2:
I hope that you feel better.:hehe:
This is interesting , because i too am experiencing the same itch. Mine is always behind my ears,neck and into my scalp. I am itching today and it is cold out. Not used to the cold here in florida.I did take a hot shower and itched all day. Funny thing is i am not diagnoised with raynauds though. I have sle,and sjogens. It makes sense to me now about the hot shower and then the itch going all day. This is the second post tonight that has answered two of my symptoms. So glad for this site and the people on it.
Hugs to all, Florie:rose:

Hi all
Thanks for your replies. Glad to know I'm not itching alone. I go to bed at night and wonder what new weird and wonderful thing will happen to my body tomorrow. It is just so nice to know that I now have people to talk to about these things instead of being constantly in the dark.

I will discuss the itching with my Rheumy next time I see him in March, but from your comments I now understand that it is probably my Raynauds that is causing it and not the methotrexate. Every time something happens my GP puts it down to methrotrexate which I am now finding is not always the case.

Thank you all and take care

I ITCH TO! I also get left with red marks where i have had to scratch for quite a while. My husband is always saying whats happen there - I always respond I've just scratched an itch thats all!!!!

Looking for clues to!

I doubt if overall itching has much to do with having Raynauds. It's common in lupus without Raynauds and a number of other non related diseases, ( thryoid, liver, diabetes, kidney, anemia, some cancers ..) so certainly mention it to your doctor. For me, itching, on the back especially, is a sign of lupus disease activity. When I am in remission I don't itch anywhere.

Sometimes it is due simply to very dry skin so avoid hot water and soaps and scented body care products. Most people wash far more than they really need to. Wetwipes can be very refreshing and cleansing enough.
As Florie says use lotions and creams preferably the specialised ones meant for soothing problems such as excema, rather than fancy beauty care types. Apply when slightly damp. Sarna lotion in the US is helpful and aftersun products with menthol and lidocaine can help but spot test in case of individual allergic reaction and watch out for sensitisation

Aveeno products are excellent.

I have read that epsom salts in bath can help and maybe in compresses too but I am not sure if this is good advice.

One of the problems with itching is that it leads to more itching and thus more scratching. If that is the situation, mind over matter really does work to get over the vicious circle of habit. Applying pressure on individual areas works or tapping and so does keeping cool or careful application of coolth or very cold packs.

Then there are the antihistamines but they are often not much help.

Good Luck now I am itching almost all over !:lol:

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Hi there,

I itch a lot too and also if I scratch it, it looks like I've been attacked by some wild animal!

I would agree with Clare that mine seems to be linked to disease activity. It has improved somewhat on medication and tends to come out more on bad days. Luckily anti-histamines do work for me though I'm not sure I'd want to take them on a regular basis - I'm just lucky that most days I can force myself not to itch and "ignore" it mentally.

Blistering Skin

Does anyone else have blistering skin after itching?? When I scratch an itch my skin goes red then blisters appear, but then they go away again after a bit. I even got one in my eye when I rubbed it when it was itching? Falling appart or cracking up - not sure :rotfl:
When I scratch I sometimes have had raised red welts that look quite fierce.
My sister (another lupie) had this blistering thing though which the rheumy found quite alarming when she induced a line of blisters on her leg.
He actually consulted with Tommies as he had never seen it before. they suggested steroids pronto.
It was during her only( touch wood) serious flare after her son was born.
Blistering skin

:yes: Cheers for that, I think that I need to take a photo for my rheumatologist because you can guarantee that it wont do it when I'm there. Love to you and sis xx:)

Hi All
Thanks for all your replies.
Itching went worse, then started with little spots especially up each side of my head and into my hair so spoke to Lupus Nurse who told me to go to my GP ASAP as she couldn't be sure without seeing me if the rash was Shingles and if it was I would have to stop the Methotrexate. Saw GP that night who said it wasn't Shingles, but thought it was an allergic reaction to something, his words were "more than likely you are allergic to one of the MANY medications you are taking" I have mentioned in a previous post that my GP told me he has one other patient with Lupus and she is drug free and he thinks I should be the same. I am really pleased for her, but can't help the fact that my Lupus is not the same as her Lupus. Anyway he gave me some anti-histamines, so I will see if that does the trick.
What I cannot get my head around and please tell me if I am thick, but the Lupus Nurse said I was more than likely in a flare and she has brought my Rheumy appointment forward to next Monday instead of March. I just feel that I have been in a continual flare since I was diagnosed with this in April 2006. Does it mean that when you are not in a flare that you should be symptom free? Finding it really difficult to understand all this, but thanks to you all for your help and support.

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I had the extreme itching especially after showers, no visable signs of a rash, I would scratch all over till I had welts fo almost 20 minutes till it subsided. It began a few months after starting plaquenil, went on and on for months, then I was taken off the plaq for eye problems and it went away totally. For me I assume the plaq caused it.
Hi Meryl,

I'm glad she brought your appt forward, at least you can get this rash looked at and it's cause determined.

You asked:

Does it mean that when you are not in a flare that you should be symptom free?
Totally symptom free is usually not what happens, but there should be nothing in the way of new symptoms and the old ones should be much improved on meds. You will still have some fatigue, aches and pains and need to pace your activities. Some flares especially skin ones often go much quicker and arent as severe when your lupus is under good control.

Let us know how you get along,

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Hi Lily
Thanks for your reply. Its good to know there are people out there who can explain how things work. Will let you know how appointment goes with Rheumy.
Used to live in Australia myself, Emu Plains about 40 miles from Sydney. loved it, went back for holiday about 6 years ago. Brother been in Sydney for about 35 years now.

Take care

I get the itching too. Usually on my lower legs, back and behind my ears and along my hairline. It is usually worse in the winter..behind my ears and into my hairline is only in the winter. My legs get really dry and start to hurt.
why scratching brings relief

If you don't have any obvious reasons for itching, the above article may be of interest. My son who has spastic quad cerebral Palsy has been scratching his head quite fearlessly over the past couple of months. It is the same time puberty and the rapid growth that teenagers go through began for him. Rapid growth is not nice to people who have CP...makes me wonder if he is soothing himself with the growing pains being so ferocious.
I know my head itches more when I'm flaring.
Well, my head is itching more in recent days but I also seem to have some sore spots up there. Unfortunately its kind of hard to look at the top of your own head, :lol: so I have no idea what is going on up there. I just noticed them because the comb raked over them and it hurt.
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