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It's always something new

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Everytime I go to my zillion and two doctors, there is always something new with me. Even though I feel fine, since I'm in remission, my rheumi suggested seeing a nephrologist "just in case."

First time I see him, he requested a 24 hour urinanalysis test... NOT FUN I tell you.

All my other doctors look at my test results and say they look fine.

I go back to my nephrologist...and he says "they didnt do the math for me....and they didn test for the protein level I also requested." So he sat there for a good 10 min jotting down and doing jibberish (to me) math problems... Finally he looks at me and says:

"Someone your age should have 100% kidney functions.... your tests shows you only have about 60-70%. The good news is that since we didnt find any white blood cells, it might not be the lupus causing it, but the sojourn's..... since lupus is much more aggressive in attacking the kidneys."

So now I have to get an ultrasound of my kidneys, and a kidney biospy. :eek:

Anyone every had one before? Do they put you out? Or do they just do what they do with a bone marrow biopsy? (Uhhh...even though they put the novacaine in first, that thick needle of pain killers still HURTED)

I'm getting so sick of going to all these doctors and then only for them to tell me something is majorly wrong with me every few months.

I'm like a broken down old truck that needs a new tune up every 6 months....

Good news is that....last time they tried to take out my spleen, I fought tooth and nail to keep it and won....I still have my spleen and my platelets have still been awesome.... my lupus has been in sojourn's is handable, my grave's is in "normal" range and i am just waiting for it to go under then synthoid for me....

But if there is more goign on with my kidneys when the test results come back... hopefully it's not the lupus causing it..... :wink2:

Keep me in your thoughts....
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hi .....i cant help you..except to say someone will pop along soon to advise you...but at least the drs are on the ball so to speak :lol:......i hope they sort it for seem to have a lot going on at the moment, **** luck with it all..jane:)
I had a kidney biopsy a few years ago when first dx'd. No, they don't put you out, I was awake the whole time, and honestly, since my memory is pretty bad I don't remember if they just numbed me up or what! I'm assuming they did, I don't remember feeling any pain with it. It looks and sounds worse than it is! I hope all goes well with yours. The good part is that if they catch it on time they can fix it. Mine was pretty severe, I had to go thru chemo because the cellcept wouldn't have kicked in fast enough before kidney failure. I was lucky they got it when they did. I have not had any problems with them since. You will be in my thoughts, let us know how things work out!
I am guessing he is talking about your GFR being below where it should be for your age. Be sure to discuss what medications you are taking with your doctor - especially mention the frequency and dosage and names of any NSAID's you are taking. They can lower the GFR dramatically but it will improve when you stop taking them.

I've had a GFR reading in the upper 50's a few times with minimal NSAID use (4-5 days a month) but my GFR went up the the mid 60's by taking next to no NSAID's. Still not good functioning for a person my age, but an improvement so I didn't have to have additional tests done other than keeping an eye on it with U/A to monitor protein loss and blood tests a bit more often.

In your shoes, I would really want the test results that are calling for this procedure to be done. Are you leaking protein too? These days, I make sure to ask all my questions and be comfortable with a doctor's decision before going through procedures!
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i get my urine tested every month and a half and each and everytime there is protein in it as well, not significant, but it's still there....

plus some kind of crystals.

i think there's more then my doctor is telling me though because he himself doenst know for certain till all my test results come back... why do i get this feeling? because when i was driving home, he called me personally and told me he just talked to my rhemu on the phone about my 'case' and that he wanted me to check off a test for my liver as well....because something was also present that shouldnt be in my urine as well that may show liver involvement...

anyways, i had a bone biopsy done years ago.... is the kidney biopsy similiar to that?
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