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I am guessing he is talking about your GFR being below where it should be for your age. Be sure to discuss what medications you are taking with your doctor - especially mention the frequency and dosage and names of any NSAID's you are taking. They can lower the GFR dramatically but it will improve when you stop taking them.

I've had a GFR reading in the upper 50's a few times with minimal NSAID use (4-5 days a month) but my GFR went up the the mid 60's by taking next to no NSAID's. Still not good functioning for a person my age, but an improvement so I didn't have to have additional tests done other than keeping an eye on it with U/A to monitor protein loss and blood tests a bit more often.

In your shoes, I would really want the test results that are calling for this procedure to be done. Are you leaking protein too? These days, I make sure to ask all my questions and be comfortable with a doctor's decision before going through procedures!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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