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its back! costochondritis

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:( :( after a couple of months without the dreaded chostochondritis it came back slow, and then with a vengence. i just wanted to let my friends know what happened to me today i was getting mild chest pain. today it hurt me so bad thati cried my eyes out and had to take a naproxen.

i got into a very hot bath and i felt so much better. the naproxen and the hot water did the trick.

after that i went to sleep for a couple of hours and when i woke up i felt much better.

right now i only feel it on the mild side again.

do you think that walking or working out aggravates the pain?

is there anything else that i can do to aleviate the pain?
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OUCH!! :eek:uch: :there: I don't want to hug you to tight, it might hurt.

I would think that working out would aggravate it. A gentle walk with no twisting is what I would do. The best thing I ever did for my costochondritis was accupuncture. Accupuncture didn't help with any other pain in my body, long term, except the costo.

My doctor originally told me to use aspercreme or bengay, I am allergic to those 2 creams but currently have zostrix, bio-freeze and a cream that is tylenol based. I use them on other painful area's of my body with sucess.

Last summer I had a muscle spasm under my ribcage, not costo, and I received 2 injections. The injections were painful as they went right into the spasming muscle but they really helped. They basically numbed the muscle. I also used lidoderm patches at the time and they made a huge difference.

I hope you find some relief soon.

Take care,
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hi raggedyann, thank you for your response. i have been having this pain in my back for the past couple of weeks now.

i started to worry and my husband took me to the er it turned out to be a muscle spasm but the doc didnt inject me with anything he gave me muscle relaxers and hydrocodone for pain. that is really an uncomftable pain, rather annoying. :grrr: :grrr: .
I have dealt with the dreaded costo for 3 years or so on and off. I quit doing a lot of the exercises I was doing that involved the upper body and it did seem to help. I usually do the hot bath and take tylenol, but I was in a bad car wreck at the end of August and it really set the costo off (seatbelt hurt my chest), nothing seemed to work. It was really wierd, everytime I would take a step, I would feel it (reverberating pain) in my chest, just the impact of walking was getting unbearable. I went to the Dr. and was given a strong steroid injection, in addition to temporarily upping my oral prednisone, and it finally got rid of it. If I recall corectly though, the relief wasn't immediate for me as I had hoped, it took about 4 or 5 days to really do the trick. That was the end of September and I have been costo free since, the longest break from it I've had in the past 3 years:) I hope you get some relief soon, (((((((gentle hugs))))))).
neongirl im really sorry to hear about the accident, i hope everythings ok..

i was getting ready to call my doctor when my pain got worse, and ask him

for some steroids:( :( :( thank you for telling me about your experience. im happy to hear that youve been costo free for the past couple of months.

it really puts me in a depressive mood:scaredy: :scaredy: when i get this and i hopes someday itll be gone forever.
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