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Hi and good luck...I was where you are now in April 2007. I have already recieved 2 denials, initial and administrative. I filed an appeal after the first then again after the second. I am now waiting for a hearing date.

I got a lawyer after the first denial, but if I had it to do again I would have started with him, it is so much easier to have them do the paperwork and chase the records and such.

He has even gotten my Dr to agree to testify on my behalf at the I hope that I will be successful.

Best of I can tell you is "NO DEFEAT" do not give up no matter how many times they try to fuff you off, keep appealing.

We deserve to have the benefit, Lupus is a tough, debilitating disease. We paid in and we should be able to collect our insurance. But we don't look sick, therefore we must not be!

Even thei Psyche said I was disabled and they didn't care.


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Best of luck to you,

I hope you have read everything on this site. I started out with a lawyer. Big mistake with this guy. after I met with him it took months to get what he had drawn up as the initial papers. He was highly recommened. after 2 months of calling I got the paper work from him. He had down that I did not even speak english. That is the only language I know. He also held up the process for months.

I fired him. I was just so confused about the whole SSD stuff that I was not in the right mind when I hired him.

The documents that he was going to send into SSD I tore up. Everything was wrong and cost me months.

I filed my own documents. I had heard that you should do that for the first 2 times. This advice was given to me by different lawyers.

I was lucky. I did get approved the first time after 4 months.

The best advice I can give you is research , reseach, research.
Best of luck Elaine
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