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It's time for GARDENING again!

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OK - admit it.

How many of you planted seeds too early because you wanted to get a head start on the local gardeners only to struggle to keep the sickly lanky things alive indoors because you didn't have enough places to keep them whilst you potted them on cos it was too cold and wet outside, and half of the panes in your greenhouse are broken, so now they're all dead and your having to start again LATE! ...........................................................................................................:mad: :mad:

OK - SO! Just me, then? :hehe:

I have to move my tiny (6ft x 8ft) greenhouse so I can get at yet another wall that needs to be rebuilt.:(

I have built my new base, in its new location, under the tuition of a friend. I decided to make it 2 breeze blocks high so i could build 2 b. block high walls running around the inside forming raised beds (easier on the back) for tomatoes, peppers, and perhaps a cucumber (I'm a cucumber first timer).8)

Great! After putting my 4in x 4in lengths of wood on top of the base so I can fix my greenhouse frame and gain even more height, I am now left with the steepest steps up to and down into the smallest greenhouse in christendom.:eek:

I can see for miles on the top step. and i am now going to have to go out and buy some more lengths of wood to clad the base cos b. blocks look dead ugly. This is proving the most expensive bit of DIY ever.

Fortunately I have some pea and broccoli plants that we grew on the course that are still alive, and i have ended up planting onions and very, very, very, late garlic (should have been done in autumn!!!:p :p ) on my kitchen windowsill, so I'll be able to stick them outside next week.

I have also made 2 wood stores (stores made of wood for storing wood) and heeeeey! they look like a normal person made them!!!:lol: :lol:

The birds are all busy creating a rumpus and squabbling, ripping bits off the trees for nesting. I have seen the owls that have nested somewhere near the garden and produced offspring every year that we have lived here (3 years).

Unfortunately the rook colony is also back directly above the children's trampoline (which is now covered in 'white' and large twigs they have dropped whilst nest building. i'm sure they hurl those twigs at one another.

What a NOISE
! It would be a site more quiet living within spitting distance of the M6.

The builders are due to start our house extension within the next couple of weeks, so prepare for Mrs Stresshead from Stressland on the Slopes of the Mountain Stress type posts .....

Perhaps I'll learn how to post photos this year????:)
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It's time for gardening ?

Not where I live. We are all digging out our jumpers and gumboots and sloshing around in puddles.

Good luck with your garden, I plan on forgetting all about mine until spring


Alwin,I think we have just stumbled upon a unique way to kill your slugs!!!!
Lupie wee!:rotfl: could work!!!!and market it,

By now, I am usually up to my elbows in dirt and worms..but this belly of mine is too large to overcome LOL :eek:

My garden looks like a long forgotten wasteland this year...but I have a different kind of life growing instead! ;)

I laughed out loud at your mother in law funny...yes it does always seem to work out that way... hee hee

Beer traps always worked well for me...slugs always attacked my squash plants. It sounds like you have made a happy home for all creatures indeed...dont fight it..embrace it - you wont win anyway :)

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Hita Raglet.

Sorry about time of year. Sounds like the best plan to me!

Julsie - sounds like a good idea ... still very, very dead though!

Oh my, Sharon

You really sound expectant. Embracing all creatures indeed. I remember feeling really, really sensitive about anything to do with babies in distress, and any type of cruelty or sad happenings when I was pregnant. Even to a fly. Are you feeling like that?

You certainly don't want to be going near gardening with a big bump - no stooping or straining for you.

I have seen about 6 births from start to finish, and had 3 babies myself. It is the most wonderful experience in the world. Nature is truly miraculous isn't it?

Al the best. Stay fit and healthy. All pregnant women are beautiful.

:love: :love: :love:
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I am gathering up all my empty baby food jars ( from a horrible gastritis episode ) and preparing to fill them up with my lupie pee, I think I shall wait until I have the first rituxan infusion just to add a bit of spice to the mixture. Now how would I label the boxes to send to you, would lupie pee be hazardous or explosive?????:hehe: I intend to become the first lupie pee millionaire!!!!:2cents: :writing: :mail: NOW TAKING ORDERS!!!!!!!!!:rotfl:

I bow to such exquisite control and determination! :bow:

Will you line the baby bottle jars up before you start so you can whip one under at a time in fast sucession, or is your bladder control so precise that you can stop and start at whim? I am fascinated.

I have my own vast supply (Sjogren's = dry mouth = drink buckets = veritable donkey waterfalls of urine). I don't think i need a supply.

I will, however, be happy to share your profits on the basis that this particular thread galvansied you ino your new entrepeneurial mode thereby instigating your millionairdom.

I see no problem with putting every warning label you can find on the jars so that you are covered in any unhappy accident or incident linked to your product.

Something like 'this product seems a good idea - it is not tried or tested - it may or may not work - it may or may not be dangerous - wear gloves - wear eye goggles - wear full body suit - no skin contact - do not inhale - do not consume ... and in small print ... 'DO NOT USE!"

I can wait. :cool:
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:pansy: I was thinking I would learn some invaluable lessons about gardening viewing this post - and I certainly have!

:eek:hno:I do wonder about everybodies sanity - but youre all so funny!:hehe:

Love Lesley
Have you heard the old adage 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

Well I'm a bit concerned that my steroidy lupie pee might not kill the slugs:eek: .

Imagine beefed up little critters munching everything in sight and growlling at people because of pred induced mood swings.

Actually ............that sounds a bit like meself just now:worried:
Ha!ha! bigsis,I can just picture slugs with chocolate cravings.....oh,no that's not good...

Alwin,I managed to chop off dangly bit of wool from nest with scissors!,without even toppling out the window:) I have been trying to work out what type of bird could carry such big twigs up to that nest and was quite excited(strange,I know) to see a big,fluffy ,spotty bum poking up from it yesterday . I think it's a thrush!?!do they next under the eaves?eaves?is that the right word?I'm not up on house bits.The nest is so close to the window that we should be able to see the babies being fed soon.Just hope my evil cat leaves them alone,
Only the supporters of the wee project should read

Alwin, depending on the time I take the lasix determines how much control I have when filling the baby food jars...:wink2: I plan to line them up in a row and just fill them in succesive and stylish moves. The morning jars will be larger and more potent due to overnight fermenting and lasix use, and the afternoon jars are smaller but have more of a medical mix to them.:eek: Are you sure you don't want to try some out on the slugs or pass them out to fellow gardners?????? A check will be coming your way because of your part in the enterprise or would you like your share in lupie pee?:hehe:
My! You all have given me such laughs...:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Thank you for that..:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Karly (Nice handle at the bottom of your recent posts, by the way)

Eeerrrrr ........ errr... eeeerrrrr ... :shrug: :unsure: :shrug: :unsure:
That would be a cheque, please. Don't rush or anything. I am good at waiting.

:woohoo: :dancing:
I'm sure i'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams in no time.


Glad you stopped the twig tapping. In my opinion, which is based on a deep and extensive knowledge of no things beaky, the bottom you 'eyeballed' was that of the Greater spotted buttock twitcher.

I should warn you that to poke ones head out directly below these crotchety creatures 'en-twitch', so to speak, can cause terrible conjunctivitis. Indeed, it is a truly dangerous activity which often results in a type of crusty white exudate forming suddenly around the eyes, nose, or even worse - the mouth.

In the event of the mouth being affected, the afflicted can find themselves suddenly withdrawing from their ill-advised position, taking on quite demented looking contorted facial expressions whilst running, oblivious to their surroundings, towards ANY form of water. (Do not speak Karly - it is not a good form of water and no it will not work as a cure!!!) All this whilst retching and spluttering incoherent words like 'ick', 'ick', 'am' 'gong' 'be' 'ick'. :sick:

A very sad and debilitating condition.


It took me years to get over an episode of Doctor Who when i was a child. The episode had giant flourescent green slimy maggots in it. I was about 9 when i saw it. Anyway, I think i got over it when i was about 21.

Many thanks to my new irrational fear of slugs on steroids. Most appreciated. I haven't had any good nightmare material for years. :rotfl:
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Are you basically saying I'm going to get pooed on?:rotfl:
:erm: :shrug:

MOI??? :innocent:

The very thought, Julise - I'm surprised at you!
peach hibiscus -lily

Hi Lily
Marymac from Mackay, Nth Qld. You were talking about the orange hibiscus others mentioned.

I thought I'd let you know that I have had the Hibiscus-Orange Lantern, for a year now. It is mini- just 1.2 metre- and iI cut it back, and flower is interesting, having a distinctive pom-pom hanging from the centre of each flower. It is very pretty- the nicest I have see. very easy to grow, my neighbour took a cutting, and her plant is almost fullgrown. I bought it from Bunnings, I think, but have seen it at Big W.

Having seen hibiscus round Sydney sometimes, I'm sure you could grow it successfully there.
Good luck in your gardening
It's time for gardening again

Well, I cheated this year! Usually I plant in pots on the patio, this year I decided to claim half the garden back from the chickens, so I was behind wiht planting. I am going to use the garden as a veg plot, so went to the arden centre andbought sweetcorn, brussels sprouts, calibrese, courgettes, melon, pumpkin, peas and broad beans and onions and tomatoes, They will go into the ground either Sat or Sun.
ALWIN I must disagree with you because I think that a small vial of "lupie wee" would indeed be the best thing to remove the exudate from ones eyes, nose and or mouth.:lol: In fact I am going to announce right here the newest product in our line of "lupie wee"--it is a new mouthwash for taking care of those pesky mouth sores and or morning breath. :eek: The various flavors can be requested, mint, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamin and for those coffee lovers an iced coffee flavor will be added to your special bottle of "lupie wee", of course there will be an accompanying brown color to enhance the wee experience.:eek:

And for those with pets there will also be a line of doggy breath remover in the flavors of beef, chicken, and the always popular "lupie wee" original flavor.

Alwin we are going to be wealthy beyond our dreams!!!!

Compost was only the beginning of a beautiful world wide craze........
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It's all I can think about....

:unsure: :shrug: :ermm: :blink: :sigh: It's all I can think about...."lupie wee" is running through my mind all the's a great distraction though I fear that I may in fact use up all my stock and have nothing to send to the rest of you........:lol:
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